Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Chili Fest Cook-off and Vetren's Day Program

Oh my, my, my! I should never be allowed to go to a Veteran's Day program for my kids alone again! Especially right after Matt deploys... oi! That was a tough one. Those sweet little voices singing so proudly, seeing the parents stand who were Veteran's past and present and then seeing Cody cry when he said he was heart broken that his Dad (Matt) couldn't be there. It was very poignant.

Cody's video had a very silly little boy in the front row who either can't sing or chose to sing off key on purpose..lol funny.

Also on the last few weeks our Apache wives (the family readiness group for Matt's unit, we call our selves Apache Wives for those of you who are civilian) entered the Fall Fest Chili Cook-Off. It was sooooo fun! It was windy, rainy and F-F-F-REEEZING batman! Despite all that it was a blast and OMGRACIOUS the chili was good! We had some awesome women show up to help pass it out, decorate the booth and chop, stir and cook it with us. We even won "People Choice Best Tasting Chili" Which we all thought we deserved of course..lol We were lucky ANYONE showed up with the pouring rain we had that day. Fall Fest was a bit of a bust but I already can't wait for next year!

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