Friday, January 30, 2009

Dog and Lamp post Vs. Kid! Stay tuned to see how this turns out!! lol

Man alive poor Michael and his face! lol. Over the last two years his lips have really had it rough.. 1st in 2006 he magically found the ONLY opening in a trampoline netting, skyrocketed out of it, caught his feet on the netting and slammed his face into the bars, putting all 4 front teeth, tops and bottoms through the out and inside of his bottom lip, causing saliva gland trauma and he had to have it surgically fixed, then at Christmas a dog loved on his face... and now....... lol... what a trooper.

Evidently you DO NOT run with a boxer on concrete! REALLY??? whoo woulda THUNK? lol.

He took Cupcake for her afternoon walk around the complex and was in a hustle to get back in the apartment to open a belated birthday gift from Oma that had arrived and he ran with her instead of walking. Dog went left around the lamp post, boy went right....gravity took over and the concrete and gravel won. So Michael busted open his lip really good, and chipped a tooth. pretty nicely. Off to the dentist we go. Worst of it was that his chin had gravel embedded in it, so once he settled down from the original shock he had to sit still for over 30 minutes while I dug out gravel pieces from his chin. 3 were shoved into the same tiny hole and really took some digging so I give that kid some pretty big kudos for sitting still as much as he could! Lets just hope he can make it through the weekend at Dad's without coming back with ANOTHER facial our new household slogan is "Just say no to road rash" lol..Oi Vey!


Rivka said...

You know, when he's in his 20's and doing this sort of stuff that pout is going to turn into one of those impish grins and he's going to be thinking, "dude, that was awesome....I bet I'm gonna have a wicked cool scar from that!"


Lisa--aka The Gardenweasel said...

Poor kid! I do want to see a picture of the chipped tooth.

Darla and Kirk Nuttall said...

I feel for him. He looks like a trooper. I would have been crying my eyes out.

The Bunnell Fam said...

Oh my heck! The poor thing has had it rough!

Lisa--aka The Gardenweasel said...

How is it looking?