Friday, January 9, 2009

Dog bite

Unfortunatly dogs bite happens! For it to happen to Michael was a shock, mostly becuase he is so good with animals, He's had training with puppies and how to pet them and not scare them but it still happens and you can't blame a child and you can't blame an animal when both are almost always well behaved.... it was sad. Michael went to say goodnight to Aunt Brittany's sheltie (Chelsea) and some how scared her to where she jumped up and bit him on the face, at least this is the story he is telling..and until I learn to speak dog...I'm gonna have to go with that. None of us even saw him get bit, heard a growl or a bark of warning or even Michael cry. All of the sudden Nana is calling from the kitchen telling Matt and I we "should probably get in there". For a bite on the face it bled pretty good. It shook him up a lot. Once we rinsed it enough to see it was good and deep we decided stitches and antibiotics were going to be needed on our Christmas we go to the ER.. I family can't seem to ever stay out of the
To minimize scarring they tried the glue, but by the next day it had become slightly infected, popped open and oozed some YUMMY looking we get it cleaned out and closed back up again. Fortunatly I thought it would be a good idea to gently press on it and remove anymore puss so it didn't sit and fester, and rinse it off really well with botteled water. By the time we got back in it had reclosed itself and was back on track to healing. It's looking REALLY good right now. I'll post a picture when its done healing so you can see the tiny scar in comparison. What a little

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