Wednesday, January 7, 2009

More of our Florida trip

We have about a million pictures from this trip but to keep it toned down I'll just be putting up 2-3 slide me A LOT of time! Aunt Kelly let us stay at her house for the duration and she was a real trooper. My boys tend to wake up early no matter how late you put them to bed, and the little monkeys aren't exactly......quiet!
The weather was almost perfect while we were there, except one night we went to Cranes Roost Park to take pictures, and OMG! It was bitter just wasn't's FLORIDA! So in a few of the night time pictures all of us have on forced but the kids were good sports almost to the end. The boys got to meet, of course, Nana and Grandaddy (Matt's folks) and Brittany and Jordan and his wife Amber, Memaw who is Grandaddy's Mom and most of his brothers at Christmas lunch/dinner, Grandma (Nana's mom), and great great Nana, Matt's Great Grandmother. Aunt kelly and Uncle Don and their son's Devin and Nathan, and Nana's brother Mitch and his son Keaton.....and I'm sure about 400 other people I can't even remember right now. It was mind boggling but so fun! I love big families. ...........wait let me rephrase... I love big CRAZY families! And YAY they are fun, outgoing, loud, coo-coo (makes me fit in and good hearted people all the way around and I feel so blessed that the boys and I were instantly at home with them all! Here are just a few random pictures from the week and a half there!

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