Thursday, January 22, 2009

Happy Birthday!!!!

Well, Michael turned 9 yesterday, and no matter how hard I tried, it was a Murphey's Law kind of day. The night before his birthday (Tuesday night) I blew up over 200 balloons by myself and filled his room with a sea of them. I put up a "Happy Birthday" banner and even tossed streamers around, both Michael and Cody slept right through YAY for heavy sleepers. On and off during all this Matthew was up with fever and coughing, getting in and out of my bed and needing snuggles. I finally get him off to sleep for a few minutes around 1:50 am and I drift off. I wake to..."THUMP THUMP THUMP THUMP THUMP" neighbor upstairs is stomping on the floor...HARD, in what seems to be her trying to get my attention...hmm....I sit up and look at the clock....2:00 am....I'm thinking...what?? the apartment on fire or something??
..and then I hear it.

Glee! Joy and Happiness coming from the other room.

I sudenly felt like Mrs. Hannigan from Annie! lol . I go STOMPING down the hall, peeved as I can be. There I find Michael and Cody jumping up and down on their beds tossing balloons back and forth, and CRACKING up when some of them hit the ceiling or other pointy objects and the balloons burst with a loud CRACK!!!!!.....ok..normally...I would have cute...but at 2:00 am and sleep deprived with angry neighbors....cute was NOT what I was thinking! I quickly slam on the lights and threaten them with loss of thier personal freedoms until adulthood and storm out. Guess I scared them pretty good because they went RIGHT back to sleep...until 5 am...ARG when evidently the "birthday-ness" was just too much for them to take. Mean while Matthew was still up on and off all night so I gave up and let everyone get up for the day. Michael was really happy that I had taken so much time to decorate his room and was really apologetic for the loudness at 2 am. He waited until 8 am right before the bus was to come and he and Cody had to take two cupcakes upstairs to the neighbors and

Once off to school Matthew starts showing signs of fatigue and I jumped at the opportunity to get him to take a nap, I snuggle down and drift off and get a WHOPPING 10 mins when Codys school nurse calls and has him sent home with a fever and inflamed off to the Dr. we went. We spent the morning there. I then have two kids home sick, I'm finishing frosting 50 cupcakes for Mikeys class at school and his friends here for after school and Cleaning like mad because my apartment complex decided that I was the LUCKY one to be picked to have them come in and use my apartment as their yearly inspection for structural damage right when we are supposed to be having the birthday party. Some begging and sweet talking and our apartment manager finally caved at the last minute and switched it to another apartment.! Phew.

I de-stressed a bit, got the cupcakes off to school, came home and got his party ready. He had chosen a small family thing so we had some good friends come over. Erik and Leah and their son Adam came over. They just recently moved back to town, they were joint friends of both Jon and I the 1st time we were stationed here, so it was awesome to have them back here to hang out with! YAY!
We had a nice time! Michael got to open gifts and have cake and ice cream. He even helped clean up his own trash. After everyone left we called Nana to thank her for her gifts and....she mentioned a gift card?? I didn't see one...then she said where it was and I knew immediately that it had gotten thrown out and was sitting in the giant complex dumpster. Michael FREAKED. On went the shoes for a tour of dumpster diving! EW! YAY me..I knew right where it was and it was sitting in the box right on top of dumpster touching!

So Tomorrow Michael gets to go shopping at wally world and pick out his own toys, which is his favorite thing to do! So thanks everyone for the cards and gifts and thanks Leah and Erik for coming over and keeping Jon entertained while he was here so I didn't have We had a great day despite all that Murphey threw at us! Happy Birthday to my boy!!

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Lisa P said...

I'm glad I could add to Mikey's birthday excitement even though we couldn't be there. Lisa P