Friday, January 16, 2009

Update on my hunny

Well, I have heard from Matt, a few times since he left and have yet to update because his letters and calls right now are more love letters than an update, so reading between all the mushy stuff (which I LOVE LOVE LOVE to read...) I will try and give you a general idea of what the 1 st has been like. It's been over a week since he left, but he has only been AT Fort Knox for a week as of yesterday.
The 1st day they got there was technically 1 am on the 9th. They ( a small group of recruits who had been on the same flight) were picked up by bus and driven to the base. Because wake up call is at 4 in the blessed AM, these poor guys didn't get to go to bed at all that night, rather they got to stay awake and be in processed. Basically a lot of paper work, showing them their temporary housing for the week of "reception" . Reception is a week of teaching them Drill and Ceremonies, general orientation, uniform issue and fitting, personal records processing (medical, financial, and personnel), Army core values card issue, eye and dental checks, immunizations, initial pay (they pre-pay a chunk of their 1st pay check early so the Soldier can go to the PX and purchase the additional hygiene items they will need while in shampoo, soaps, shaving cream....paper and envelopes and stamps!!!
They also have "Fire Guard Duty" which is rather self explanatory. In his down time he SLEEPS, and writes letters. I don't know much else about the day to day part of it right now. The only things he really says is that it's COOOOLLLLDDDDDDD......haha he's a true Florida boy, and that he's bored with all the "hurry up and wait". He wants to get going! He's all ready to start the hard stuff and really get this kicked off. He's not one for just sitting and waiting for it to .
He also said he has a Drill Sgt. who says "HOOAH" at the end of EVERY sentence..hehe. He really seems to like him, at least he has one Drill Sgt who he gets along with well, however I'm sure the others like him too, Matt really easy to get along with.
I still don't have an address to write back to him yet, which is frustrating, so I have a pile of letters ready to go as soon as I get one. Please remember folks, you are his ONLY form of entertainment, even your mundane day to day shopping trips will motivate him in a letter so please don't forget to write, ANYTHING. He will love it regardless! Matt said that today (Friday) he would be shipping "down range" which means moving down to the bay's where he will begin his week 1 of actual boot camp. I know he's so excited, not to mention once there that means he can send me his return address and THAT is very motivating! I won't be posting his address right here on the blog, however, once I do get it, feel free to send me an email and I will send you the address! Don't forget when sending things, no explicate materials, no food items..NOTHING for now other than pen to I am not even sure yet if I can send pictures. I have a big stack waiting to go but who knows. As soon as I get the O.K. I will let everyone know what you can and can't send. For now just letters of encouragement and what you are up to is what he needs the most right now!
I will update each week on the things he is doing at Basic and so on.

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The Bunnell Fam said...

HOw are you hanging in there? I am glad that you will update on him once a week. Such a good wifey!