Friday, January 23, 2009


A bunch of my friends have been asking for more indepth info on what Matt is and has been up too since he left. For those of you who aren't Army.....this is what happens during the 1st week of Reception. This video is obviously NOT Matt's troop, but was shot at Ft. Leonardwood. It gives you a basic idea of what they do the 1st week there. Not the 1st week of actual training. I will blog about that next week.


Rivka said...

I love the family pic up at the top!

The Bunnell Fam said...

I agree with Riv! It is so beautiful!!

~Our Rockabilly Life~ said...

thanks guys!! It was taken by my Mother in Law while we were walking around...kinda their green belt area in Florida. It was so fun!