Friday, January 9, 2009

Off to Basic....................HOOAH

Well anyone who has talked to Matt AT ALL in the last 2 months knows how thrilled he is about having joined the Army and I can't blame him. I am just so happy to see him filled with purpose, a career path (not just a job) and goals. He lights up like a Christmas tree when anyone mentions it! I know you are all as proud as I am! I am especially proud that he went from not running AT ALL 2 months ago, to running his 2 mile in 15 mins. And at this's not an easy feat! WOOT WOOO go baby! He was scheduled to ship out for his OSUT (one station unit training) which is his Basic training and AIT (advanced individual training) all rolled up in one. It's shorter and doesn't require him moving bases halfway through as most training does.
We got a small shock when the recruiters told him he had to leave on the 6th to get to MEPS center for final swear in, paper work, and the good old Army "hurry up and wait". So instead of having another 3 days to get the Christmas decorations down, get the whole house cleaned up and all the laundry from the road trip done and anything else on my "hunny do" list, we had only 1 day. about hustle! We were going in circles. But luckily we got it all done, and with a little time to spare, we even got to go out with some friends who took us to an AMAZING steak house here (it's in Sonoita called "The Steak Out" and OMG!!! The most tender steaks I have ever eaten and live country music. Mom, Matt said to tell Dad he would be in heaven there, it's right up his alley), So Thanks Matt and Scottie for taking us out, that was really sweet!
So the next morning he took off. Luckily someone else on the way there and while at MEPS and the hotel and airports someone else he was traveling with always had a cell phone so he was able to call home and tell me what he was up to 6-8th. Late last night he got into Kentucky waiting with his new buddies at the airport USO for the bus to come get them to take them to basic, his excitement was almost tangible even over the hated letting him hang up but... hey..can't be too just looks lame! jk! (he had to call and make sure I knew that the Florida Gators won in the Bowl game against OU..seeing as he loves the gators and my ex loved it was cute). So right now I am assuming he is @ Ft. Knox getting issued his uniforms, being brutally stabbed and inoculated multiple times by nurses with foul attitudes and loving every second of it! As soon as I have an address for him I will forward it on, but PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE for his sake...don't send ANYTHING other than a letter. They aren't allowed care packages at this phase and he will get smoked for it. Meaning ripped a new one and forced to run or do push ups until his arms are the Consistancy of a jelly, so thanks in advance for all the letters I knoooooooooooooow you are all going to send......AHEM hint hint hint!

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