Monday, January 12, 2009

Phone calls and Bishop

Once again no one bothered to tell us (wives and family members) that you are allowed to be there when they swear in the 2nd time around. So after Matt left here on the 6th, he was at a hotel in Phoenix for 2 days, and on the 8th had to re-swear in at the MEPS center. Fortunately another Soldier's mother was better informed and was there to take pictures. Thank you random Soldier A's Mother! The other gentlemen in the pictures are just going to be refereed to as Soldiers A, B and

Yesterday I was surprised by a call that came in. I don't normally answer the phone if I don't recognize the phone number but I took a chance and did this is how the phone call went.
ring ring
ring ring


" Is this Mrs. Rachael Morris?"

"Mrs. Rachael Morris, married to Matthew C. Morris?"


"Hi, this is Bishop so-and-so, calling from the ward here on base at Fort Knox, Ky. We had the pleasure of having Mr. Morris in our church services today, and he as asked me to call and give you a message."

* me in full giggles at this point* ""

*Bishop So-and-So clears his throat, you can practically hear him blushing....

"ahem,......Baby, I love you so so much, I miss you like crazy baby, I can't wait until I get to see you again! Tell the boys I love and miss them too! " *clears his throat again*

"Thank you so so much!! That was such a surprise!"

"You're welcome..have a great day, bye"


Bishop-so-and-so's true name has been with-held to protect the guilty party, as he is NOT to be sneaking messages out..hahahahaha

I was way to stunned to even ask if I could sneak a message back to him, since I had no idea when I would get to talk to him again. Oh well! I didn't have to wait long! It's inevitable that whenever I feel under the weather and Matthew is being good and taking a nap, and I lay down to rest as well, that EVERYONE and their dog will call me and keep me on the brink of blissful unconsciousness! 1st an old friend I'd lost with called, I so ignored was too tired, brat knows I nap when I can, and called 3x in a row! Then a bill collector, then again with another number I don't recognize, and this time I'm ready to bark off the head of whom ever dares to disturb my sleep....when all of the sudden I hear him
It's always amazing to me how much hearing the voice of your loved one unexpectedly can make a gal swoon! He sounded really happy! He lucked out and had some issues with the bank he had set up for direct deposit, was forced to switch to a new bank on post, and was allowed to call me to tell me that the money would NOT be showing up in the account I expected but that he would be taking care of it to make sure we had the money in time to pay the bills and so on. Who knew that bank issues could bring me joy! lol
He said it's FREEEEEEEEEEEEEZZZZING there everyday and he's not used to it but that it's not what he expected this experience to be but that he's loving it. He misses everyone! And once again passed on his love to the boys.



The Bunnell Fam said...

What a sweetheart Rach! You are so blessed!

Lisa--aka The Gardenweasel said...

sounds great! It was cool to see photos of him and all of his "baby" cohorts. The other guys look about 12.