Friday, November 28, 2008


We've had a lovely week, Tuesday Mikey came home from school and had made a cute "hand" wreath and we all took turns being silly and taking pictures. Then Wednesday Mikey and Cody's classes were taking part of their schools "Winter Program". They were so proud of themselves. Unfortunately you really can't see Cody at all, as he was in the front row directly behind the elves and reindeer that had narrative parts in between the musical numbers, so he was frustrated, but we were able to catch a few glimpses of his Santa hat bobbing up and down between a reindeer and Elf #2 .lol. Mikey was on the top back row, left hand side about 4 kids in, in a red checkered shirt. He LOVED this number "Shine Shine Shine", the camera work was a bit...shaky, but in Matt's defense, Matthew kept walking under his arms trying to get from his Dad, who was one row back , to get to me forcing Matt's arms to shake a lot. !

The next morning the boys Dad showed up a little after 6 am to pick up the boys. He was taking them to Utah for Thanksgiving. EKKKK......a 5 day trip that I had no control over, needless to say I am still freaking out and will be until they are home Sunday night! They had a great Thanksgiving with Jon's family and were horribly distracted by food and fun when he had them call us, but that's OK, I was just glad they were there, safe and having fun!

That left Matt and I all alone for Thanksgiving, so he helped cook a lot , and we had a nice time, basically just watching TV,cooking, eating and talking to family on the phone.

I ended up decorating for Christmas a good two weeks ago...ya I I just couldn't wait. That and I was worried Matt might end up getting shipped out sooner and I wouldn't have his brawn to help me dig all this junk out of storage..hehe. He's such a good sport! let me know if the video and slide show are working~

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Even though I couldn't spend it with my whole family, doesn't mean it wasn't a great one. I love my boys and I am thankful for each of them and what they each bring to this family. I am thankful for Mikey's joy and excitement that he has to share as he learns new things, how he trys to be a peace maker for me. I am thankful for Cody's strength, for his hugs and the way he seems to know when I don't feel well and comforts me. I am thankful to my little Matthew for his smiles. For the was he wraps his arms around me and still needs my attention to make his day great. I am thankful for my Mother, who listens to me when I call to whine and won't tell me what I want to hear but helps me to see both sides. I am thankful for my brothers and sisters who I don't get to see often enough but who understand that distance doesn't stop you from having a relationship with one another. I am thankful for my new in-laws, who accept me and who truly make me feel welcomed and I love them all and can not wait to meet them! I am thankful for my ability to push through pain to do what I need to do. I am thankful for my ability to care for my children and hopefully raise them to be good, healthy, well rounded , spiritual men. And lastly but not least, My wonderful Husband, Matthew, who does so much for me, who loves me and holds me tight. Who makes me proud to be his wife everyday, I look forward to each day with him, and I can't wait for the years to pass and see what we do with them! I love you Mikey, Cody, Matthew and Matt!


Britt said...

glad you guys had a good thanksgiving! wish we could have all spent it together! can't wait till we get to meet you!

The Bunnell Fam said...

Sounds like you had a great relaxing holiday! I am so glad you newly wed you!:) Miss ya!

Brad, Adrienne, McKenna, Bryn said...

So I guess even if I haven't posted a blog I should at least look at everyone elses! You look so Happy and I can only assume that you are scince you don't fake a smile!

Lisa said...

What do you mean by Rockabilly?

Anonymous said...

My grandchildren should have been on the front row! LOL love, Nana