Thursday, December 4, 2008


My cousin Lisa asked me what Rockabilly was and since she wasn't 100% on what it was I thought I'd add this little site.

It's a cute little article that hits on the facts. Basically...I love the 40's and the 50's! I love the hair , the clothes, the romance, the CARS! But my style is a lot more laid back than some, I don't take it an extreme. I like punk hair and I like bright colors. I love Tattoo's and plan on hope everyone else likes em or can pretend like they aren't bothered by them...because I won't care either way if you do or don' I frankly it's a love of the 40s and 50's with all the newness of the punk culture and women's rights act all rolled into .... so ..think...Betty Paige covered in tattoo's driving a vintage car and not being "costumey". Think..."GREASE" lol. Think..modern day pinup girls with crazy colored hair and tattoos! Now I'm not that bad, but I've always worshipped at the house of Elvis and John Wayne, Marilyn Monroe, and Betty Paige. I'd like to think I'm stuck somewhere between the loveable kookiness of Doris Day and the sexy darkness of Betty Paige......ya right! lol It's just something we love...the whole lifestyle. I love that it's back in fashion..because if I could have walked around in a poodle skirt all through high school and have it been acceptable I would have rocked that! I never really had the confidence to just DO it! Man high school is a cruel cruel place to try a nd try out a whole new "look"! I do have the confidence
oi....I ramble! But that's it in a nutshell.


Lisa said...

the 40s do rock. You are awesome to be so adventurous and trend-forward

Lisa said...

Come on! I love, love your blog. I think you need to update more often!

Lisa said...

You are killing me! No new post?????

Lisa said...

Uh......where are you???????

~Our Rockabilly Life~ said... you actualy like my blog or did you suddenly develop a bad case of blog ADD??? lol...jk! I'll be blogging tomorrow crack head....AFTER I conquer the mnt everest on my couch that is my laundry! hey ...a gal's gotta have goals