Saturday, November 1, 2008


Matt and I at the Trunk or Treat at the church. For some reason he loves this picture, he seems to think it's uber cute...I'm not such a fan but it makes me laugh at the facial expressions a camera can catch when you are waiting for that darn flash! lol

Getting Ready to take the boys trick or treating.

My hooligans at "fright night" at the Cove pool. Our Local aquatic center which is THE BOMB!

Man I loath the way the picture up loader on the blogger site works. I can never get the pictures in the order I want, set where I want, and so forth, so it there is some fantastic trickity trick I don't a sistha out yo!
So...Our day started at 6 am with 2 very hyper elementary aged boys who couldn't wait a moment more before they were be-costumed and be-painted. Oi talk about trying to paint on make up with goo in your We were very BUDGET costumes this year as it was a tight month and the "early pay" I was supposed to get had yet to "TADA" into my bank account. So out of necessity the boys came up with their own costumes. Mikey was a pirate, since Matt luckily had pirate hat! yay! He dug out a toy compass, and a kaleidoscope that looked like a telescope, with some face paint and a Jerry rigged eye patch he was good to go. Cody had decided he wanted to be...a Rock star vampire (this was before school) and had me color on a giant red star over one eye (a la kiss and Gene, wore his camo pants (which ALL rock stars wear Mom..DUR!) and a motorcycle T-shirt, and carried around a toy musical guitar to school. Due to some technical difficulties, another 7 year old, and a toilet his face paint disappeared and when he came home from school he no longer wanted to be a rock star...or Kenny's friend..hahaha...wonder what happened. Jk...I know what come time for trunk or treat...he just wanted to be a vampire with a Mohawk....
Matthew got to be Harry Potter, as luckily we had a HP robe from a previous years costume, and his Church clothes went well underneath of it. Paint on some Glasses and a HP inspired scar and he was the favorite everywhere we went!
The older boys only had half a day of school which was of course all one big party. Then home for some play time, and pizza to fill the bellies up before the sugar iv drip was put in! I read them a Halloween book while they ate, it was so fun, I'd been dieing to read it to them for weeks! Matt and I had purchased these really great new Halloween books at borders earlier in the month. One was "The night Before Halloween" by Marjorie Dennis Murray, and "Boogie Knights" by Lisa Wheeler. OMG Mommies.. I heart these books! They were so fun! The art work especially was so vibrant and full of surprises I've read them over and over just for my own viewing benefits! Yay for children's Halloween books!!
We ended up hitting Trunk or Treat, where I have NEVER seen so many cars, the stake center was full, almost every spot , and cars parked all up and down two streets, it was awesome, it took us almost an hour to make it one side around and then head back the other side. The kids pillow cases were so full! Matty was the delight of everyone, he was well mannered and ever so cute as a Harry Potter, we had people doing double takes and giggling all night. He ate up all the attention.
Then off to the city park for Fall Festival, where there were businesses and yet again more candy giving, a movie in the park (Scooby Doo 2), and even professional photographers taking free pics...(I was too sore and lame to wait my turn). We decided the lines were too long and headed to get in line for the "fright night swim" at the pool. So much fun! It has this huge wave pool, 2 huge slides that swirl in and out and back into the building, a 45 person hot tub, a kiddie slide and kiddie swim area and a large diving pool. We went in and swam and had a blast, it was all decked out for Halloween, and even the life gaurds were handing out baggies full of candy to trick or treaters. Then as we were leaving, Cody wanted to brave the haunted house (which was strangly set up in the woman's locker room, having moved the womans area temporally to the "family" lockers). ....... he did NOT said he was literally clinging and squealing like a little girl! It was hilarious. He came out laughing and saying " MOM~ I will NEVER go in there again!" lol. We ran to the store and picked up some grocery items, stopped for some late night Mc'Ds and headed home to start "The Corpse Bride" as a family around 11 pm where Cody promptly put himself to bed, and Mikey and Matthew followed not too long after. Matty was so tired he had taken off half his clothes and bare butt fell asleep on his kindly helped him into something to sleep in and back off to bed. So cute!
All in all we had a fantastic night! I hope all of you had as fun of an evening! The boy's Dad gets in tomorrow so there will yet a other post on that...ohh goodie the fun is about to start..haha.


Denning Domain said...

Ok, I am so jealous of the Fright Night swimming party! That looks so freakin awesome! The boys looked great! I am so glad you guys are doing good and look so happy. Good luck with everything when John gets home...I really hope you guys can all work things out peacefully for the kids. You are such a kind hearted person, if anyone can do it, its you.

Rivka said...

Fun stuff. Maybe our Halloweens will be more exciting when Jack figures out trick or treating. We stayed home and watched movies. I mean we did the ward Trunk or Treat, but I'm not dragging kids out around the neighborhood until they specifically ask for it. Maybe in a year or two. Mom's sanity sometimes makes for boring blogging. I love HP the best!

Anonymous said...

I read your blog, yay

~Soap Opera Update Site~ said...

holy random anonymous blog commenter...who are you? lol

The Bunnell Fam said...

I love the HP costume so much! Looks like you guys had a lot of fun! The boys all look happy and excited. I hate the uploader too! You have to copy and paste your pictures where you want them!

Darla and Kirk Nuttall said...

Wow! What a fun night. The boys looked great in there costumes. That would be a way fun park to go to and then swimming. Way cool!