Monday, November 24, 2008


First and foremost, thank you to everyone who prayed for us and supported us in this choice!

Matt went to MEPS (Military Entrance Processing Station),on Saturday. He actually left from the recruiters office here in Sierra Vista on a shuttle Friday morning with another recruit. They picked up a few more recruits in Tucson before they got to their hotel in Phoenix that afternoon. The Army puts you up at a nice hotel the night before because we live more than 3 hours from the MEPS center. They played basketball together and were provided dinner, had a room mate they had to share with but hey....better get used to that They had to be up by 4 am, and were at MEPS by 5:30 am, starting their pyhsicals and eye exams and what not. A shy person should be prepared for a fantastic day of sitting in your undies and having your wobbly bits grabbed and probed by prehistoric dinosaurs. Fortunately the pyhsical and 90% of the tests are a giant joke. If you have full range of motion and aren't a drug're kosher! Just remember to wash the non daylight seeing jk. What isn't a joke?? The Security Clearance interviews! This is NOT a joke! If you had a speeding ticket in high school or were tardy in high school you better freaking list it! Cause they will find it! They will also see if your ex wife drove your credit into the good credit you CAN NOT get a top secret or above clearance which is necessary for the job Matt was offered 1st. In the MI (military intel field) , doing the Electronic Warfare Signal Analyst. But without that clearance you just can't get he went back to something he knew he'd love! Getting down and dirty!
Matt was offered a job as a 19 D ( Cavalry Scout ) and he snapped it up! He loves it and is really excited! What man wouldn't be!Fortunately it's in the intelligence field still! He was offered a 3 year enlistment, $13,000.00 sign on bonus, and $60,000.00 for college. During that 3 years we will be fixing his credit score, getting rid of some of the fabulousness a past marriage can leave on it, and learn another language. The Army offers free Rosetta Stone language programs for active duty Soldier's. It's the leading learn at home language software, the government even uses it for NATO officials. During that 3 years he can freshen up his Spanish (which he learned while serving his mission) and hopefully get German and or Arabic down pat. By the time his enlistment is up he can re-enlist and re class as an 35W (Electronic Warfare Signal Analyst) with a chance to go to the DLI (Defense Language Institute) which is 1 year long (at Monteray California....ya that's gonna be harrrrdd lol..jk) it's indepth language training and you can earn between $350.00-$1000.00 a month extra for being fluent in certian languages and offers 70-80 college credit hours! Basicly handing him his Associates degree. YAY! Once he comes out of there he can apply for OCS (officer candidate school) and go in as a 2nd Lt. So in the end once his military career is over he can work for CIA, FBI, NSA, or any federal law enforcement!
He goes to OSUT (One Station Unit Training) at Ft. Knoxx Kentucky. Most Soldier's go to Basic Training at one place for 9-10 weeks, have a graduation, then ship off the next day to AIT (advanced individual training) for 15-52 weeks. Cav Scouts have it all at once place and it's slightly shorter, so YAY! Half way through his training they will have a family weekend, where you can come, see the base, be shown all of the cool things they do (ie the repelling wall and gas chamber) ,then at the end of it all a graduation. We will let everyone know asap when both of these are as soon as we do. I know Matt would love to have as many of you there as is possible, it's such an awesome experience and frankly I want to use this as an excuse to get to meet some of you!! hehe!
This is his dream, and I am along for the ride! I love this Man intensely and I can't wait to support him through all of this! For more info on what a CAV SCOUT here

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