Saturday, November 15, 2008

~Mr. & Mrs. Morris~

Well, we got married yesterday!!! WOW WOW WOW the loops your life can throw at you! You either have to be flexible and bend with the loops or break and fall. I prefer to flow with life's changes than allow myself to get so set in my ways so much so that I can't find happiness in my life even if it isn't going exactly as I had planned or expected. If I had that point of view my life would be a very sad one indeed. However sliver linings are every where every day, and yesterday is one of those!

As we previously mentioned, Matt is going ARMY so long as his leg passes the physical next week. Based off of that, our own research, the recruiters and family and friends who are also military it is almost 100% necessary to be married before he signed those papers next week. Either be married now, or have to wait up to 3 years and have little to no chance to be together between now and then. We love each other so much that the thought of not being able to be together isn't an option for us, So instead of waiting we decided to get married this month, hoping that within 6months to a year we can plan a small reception or get together with family. when we called the court house to schedule it, we found out they were booked for over a month out since the judge only does them once a week on Fridays for less than an But..."silver lining" the judge had a cancellation for yesterday at either do it now now now or we wouldn't be able to before he left for the army. Well well booked it, and low and behold a friend from Florida that Matt knew back home happens to be living a few hours north of us in Mesa, Az (who is also going ARMY) was able to head down here last min and be a witness/ best man for Matt and we were so fortunate, he was an absolute blast to have around! Evan thanks so much!!!!! We love ya!

We got married in the Cochise County Court and you know what, it was just as sweet as I would have expected, My husband is the sweetest, most amazing man, I could see his intense love for me and the boys in his eye's when he said I do. I am on cloud nine right now, but then again, since meeting Matt I am on cloud 9 most of the time. He's a wonderful man, who is spiritual, strong, funny, animated, respectful, hard working, and loves me so much that I feel so fulfilled at being allowed to be my full self I can't imagine being happier! I love you Matthew. So very much!
My female friend Kat wasn't able to help out as expected and we ended up asking our next door neighbor Matt,..(lol..yes another one,) who is really cool and went with us to the court house as our 2nd witness. We only asked him an hour before hand!! Woo talk about short notice

Mikey, Cody and Matthew were all there and happy for us, with conflicted emotions and all, as to be expected. They one minute love Matt to death and the next feel like liking Matt some how impedes their ability to love their Dad. But they were happy for us none the less. After wards we came home and Cody headed off to a sleep with his new best buddy Avery, and Mikey and Matthew went to their Dad's for the weekend.
Matt, Evan and I had a great dinner, BBQ pork ribs, homemade bread sticks, Mashed potato's, corn on the cob, and chocolate cake. yummy. We spent the evening kidding around and watching movies and just hanging out. I love when you meet someone who is a friend of your significant other and they just MESH perfectly with the group. There was no awkward air at all, it was awesome. He crashed on the couch and was complete delight to have around, I look forward to seeing him again soon, and wish him all the best at his Basic Training!

Now Matt and I are spending our 1st weekend as Man and Wife! We love you all and appreciate those of you who are there to support us. Wish us luck in all these new endeavors!!

Rachael and Matt


Adonia said...

Congrats! I'm so happy for you, and I wish you both the best.

Britt said...

congrats and good luck <3

Lisa P said...

The pics are beautiful! Wow! I have three more grandchildren! I can't wait to spoil them. I hope you all will be very happy. Love you, Mom (Nana)

Denning Domain said...

wow girl! Good luck with everything and i am glad things are happy for all of you.

Darla and Kirk Nuttall said...

Holy crap Rachael that was fast! I don't know if I would have the guts to do that this fast, but I guess when its right its right. Goodluck! and Congrats!! Love ya!

The Bunnell Fam said...

Congrats Rach! I am happy that you are so happy! Things so so god for you!:)