Saturday, November 8, 2008


Me and the boys (Mikey, Cody, Me, and Matthew)

Matt and I

cracking ourselves up taking pictures in the lobby

HEHE trying not to laugh

my Matthew

My Michael....and then My Cody

Matty and I walking out to the car.
I forgot to add these pictures from a few weeks ago when we went to church. I know some of them are on the slideshow below but you can't really see them clearly or see the great facial expressions on the kids faces. If you double click each picture it enlarges huge and you can really see it much better.

Man I have some handsome men in my life! What an amazing little family I have!


Jess M said...

You all are hilarious and crack me up. YES I read your blog!

Lisa P said...

I agree with the handsome men part! Mom (Lisa P)