Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Tombstone Arizona

About 3 weeks ago when Jon (the boy's Father) got home, he started taking the boy's for weekends, which has been REALLY hard on me. As most of you know I can be a bit of a control freak and he can be a bit of a scatter brain, so each weekend I stress over making sure I've sent enough clothes to ensure they are dressed properly for every possible scenario, that they have a comfort item of choice, and toys and what not to entertain them while there, since this whole "single parenting" thing is so new to him. I hate not knowing what they are doing 24/7 and knowing they are safe, but I have to get used too it and keep busy so I won't freak out..lol. So starting 3 weeks ago Matt and I have begun to have free weekends and frankly we LOVE IT! I haven't been able to sleep in on weekends in almost 9 years..lol..so this is fantastic! We spent the 1st weekend just around the house, the 2nd in Tombstone and last weekend we had Evan (a friend of Matt's from Florida) down for our wedding and spent it just soaking each other in once Evan headed home.
Our trip to tombstone was really fun, I always love going there, and this was Matt's 1st time, so it was really cool. They do a wild west shoot out each day, something like what they do in Jackson Hole for all you Idaho people who know what I'm talking about, only about 5 x better. The entire town is so full of history it's literally like stepping back into the past. Most of the pictures are self explanatory, just us around old crap..lol...or in a stage coach, or at the old court house. What a fun fun trip we had and believe it or not, we spent less than $40.00 in all including, gas, food and trinkets..lol It's been a real budget cruncher month, but yanno that made it more fun, we had to walk around a lot more and really investigate the town on our own.
Afterwards on our drive home we saw some really beautiful areas we just had to pull over and take pictures of. We had actually wanted to get down and walk and explore a bit but .....border town..lol..so there was barbed wire all over..lol..oh well it's still very pretty. I hope before Matt goes to Basic Training we have a chance to take the boys to Kartchner Cavern's, one of the few truly "wet" caves in the U.S.
It's really amazing, I don't even know if you can take pictures inside but if you can I plan on barraging you all with a ton!

Keep your fingers crossed, we have turned in all our "ARMY" paper work and now we are just waiting on him picking his Job (in the next day or two) and then off for that dreaded Pyhsical..lol...keep us in your prayers if you can. Thanks!!

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