Monday, November 3, 2008

Their Daddy is home.

Things post a divorce can be really messy, and for a while there things weren't exactly friendly, however now, things are GREAT! So lets all hope and pray they stay that way (fingers crossed!!).
Jon asked me to come pick him up at the airport in Tucson on Saturday, so the boys and I drove an hour and a half to get him. It's always so heart warming to see kids run into the arms of their Father coming home. It was so sweet.
Afterward he took us all to Wendy's for a quick lunch and I drove us all back to Sierra Vista, where I then took him to the car dealership (and waited a mere 2 while he signed for his new car, then helped him load his car with back packs and his luggage and the boys things and car seat, as he wanted to take them overnight to his motel to be with the boys. It was really sweet seeing how Mikey kept hugging me saying "Mom, I love you but is it ok to want to go to Dad's too??" lol..AWWW!! Matt and Jon and I have been doing all we can with the kids in the past 6-7 months to really teach them that it's ok to love all of us in different ways, in different homes, and still be loved by all of us. That none of us blames them for wanting to spend time with the other parent and so on. So I reassured all of that them I was so happy that they got to go be with their Daddy, and that if they missed me all they had to do was ask Daddy to call me.
Seeing as Matt and I had our 1st ever night without the kids, without a friend or family around we went on our 1st "REAL" We went to see Eagle Eye at the mall, and guess who we ran into. while waiting in line for and the boys, eating pizza at the mall. Jon had yet to meet Matt, so it could have been a potentially bad situation, however the kids ran up and hugged both of us and chattered on about what they had been doing with Dad, and Matt very maturely stuck out his hand and introduced himself, and YAY for Jon, he swallowed his pride, shook back and said "jon." lol
By this morning Jon had to drop off a few things the boys forgot at his motel, and needed to use my Internet , and within 10 mins Jon and Matt were chatting ARMY and careers and what not. Mind you neither was about to become blood brothers but they were talking and without me having to prod them to do so! I took a deep breath then! Things are going great right woohoo...
On another note.....EAGLE EYE was really really good! I loved it!


Denning Domain said...

Good, good! I was holding my breath for you guys... I am very impressed everyone is taking things so well. Thats got to be hard on those boys pride. Hope it keeps going so well.

Lisa P said...

I loved all the pics of the boys! Hey Matty! I love the socks! Nana