Saturday, June 16, 2012

Germany, We Have Arrived!

Ok, Ok, so we've been here a make that 2 months, but things just get hectic and we've been soaking up as much culture as we can since getting here. Our flight experience from La, to Germany was pretty much as expected except...our sweet Cupcake. Evidently Delta Airlines does NOT fly snub nosed dogs and no matter how many times I called the reservations line to make sure we had everything we needed in order for our family and dog to fly, the people gave me the wrong info and told me we were good to go. So at the airport in Alex, we were getting ready to head to our gate when the ticket agent told us she couldn't fly. After begging, crying and having a total meltdown (where poor Michael practically threw himself on her kennel in tears) we were told by the ticket manager they would fix things, well after 2 months things just haven't been fixed, the financial ability and chain jerking and hearts being wrenched over and over in an attempt to fly her has led us to decide as a family to leave her in La with our "Aunt" Allysha. My girlfriend who is AMAZING, took cupcake from the airport and cared for her, and lovingly accepted her into her life. We don't know, once again, what we would ever have done without her and her husband coming to our rescue, it was the only thing that made leaving for our flight even bearable. So drama dealt with, we boarded our flight to Atlanta and the kids were AMAZING! Even Aidan was just a champ, other than a few minutes of fussing when his ears wouldn't pop they all were quiet and we had people remarking on how well behaved they were. Thank heavens! Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Waiting in the airport. Cody trying to keep Aidan busy. Photobucket Photobucket I was terrified of flying with the 4 them over that many hours. The older three literally crashed for the entire flight from Baltimore to Germany! Aidan slept a lot of it and only woke up once for a crying jag, just not knowing where he was and being too tired to wake up entirely. Fortunatly all the Deploying Soldiers on our flight can sleep through anything and didn't even crack an eye however some grumpy old dude behind me gave me the stink eye a few times. Oh well, not everyone is understanding and I get it! Photobucket Once we got in country we had a 2 hour wait to get on our bus, the bus then took over 4 hours to get us to Vilseck and then we FINALLY got to our hotel! Ohh bliss! A cardboard box would have been great at that point! For two weeks we were in the guest housing, which thank heavens was within walking distance to the PX/Comm and all of the places Matt needed to in process. Photobucket After a week we moved rooms to one with a kitchenette! Oh happy day! I was thrilled to even be able to make Six people in a one room hotel room for a few weeks makes for a lot of noise and needing to get creative with how to have can you tell What Matt's idea of fun Photobucket Photobucket When we got here, Cody's best friend, Avery, From Arizona, was still living here. His family was due to move a mere 5 weeks after we arrived so his family and I took no time getting these boys together! They had a blast catching up a few times before he had to move. Photobucket We also got to celebrate Easter shortly after getting to our hotel but before we moved to a room with a stove, so no lovely Easter dinner for us, but at least the Easter bunny brought the kids a few even if the older kids "baskets" were gift Hey man, that bunny is resourcefull! Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket After only those two weeks we got housing! Which was sort of a miracle because for a 5 bedroom here the waiting list is usually more longer! Here is the video of the house! I'll post later with before and after photos of the house, I'm still working on Mikey and Cody's rooms, They want to decorate them by themselves...(EKKK, for a control freak like myself that is VERY hard to allow, but I should, shouldn't I?? lol) , so those photos will be coming later. We are so happy to be here, even within the 1st week Matt was talking about how fantastic it is here and how he could see us being happy here for a long time. Ohhhh, be still my little heart! lol I'm just thrilled to share this with my family and see them loving it as much as I do! Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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