Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Welcome Aidan Cole Morris~

Aidan Cole Morris was born February 19, 2010 at 10:32 pm after 15 hours of hard labor (natural I might add...WOOOOO that was some work son! haha) .

6 lbs, 1/2 oz. 19 inches long and GOOORRRGEOUS!!

Sigh. I am so in love! Momma love! What a sweet heart of a baby boy we have. He was 19 day's early because we were induced due to having very low levels of amniotic fluid, which my specialist noticed at an appointment for an amniocentesis to see if his lungs were developed enough to HOPE to be induced because of the issues pregnancy has caused with my spine being fused in 3 places. Well...induced we were.

Have I mentioned I HATE being induced? It's so cool knowing your baby is coming yet when you're body is ready to do it, it goes so much smoother. Me + Pitocin +15 hours natural labor on my back = one very tired and sore Momma and MAN do I give kudo's to those Momma's who do it naturally voluntarily! Go you! I wasn't able to have an epidural as the doctor's didn't feel safe poking around my spine where it's fused.
Doing it naturally was a new thing for me ( when Cody was being born my epidural wore off so I did have that to go off of, however it was only a good 20 minutes where as this...was slightly longer) and Matt, was...well he was awesome! He held my hand, changed bed pans (mmmmm yummy) helped me breath through it, kept my mind busy and kept me focused through it all. I love you hunny!

It took us about 14 hours to get from being 1cm dilated and having my water broken and pitocin started to get to a 5 1/2, where from there it went to a 10 and I was ready to push very quickly! Matt didn't think it would go as fast as it did, it only took two pushes, so it went from "baby I think I need to push go get a nurse" to "holy cow he's here!!" so quickly. So glad I had such awesome nurses to deliver Aidan! lol the Doctor made it in the room as they were cleaning him off, and said "....But I waited all day for this one!" laughing. He didn't seem to believe that he'd missed it.
Although we didn't have family around we did have Aunt Kristy (my baby sister) on the phone listening in the back ground on the phone, which I didn't know until after since I was busy...lol, but evidently she had called just as I was getting ready to push and Matt set the phone on the bedside table and she and my little brother Danny listened as I gave birth.

~Sigh, our little boy............each child I have, it blows my mind the way you can love them. The way your heart literally explodes 10x to make room for another soul. I am such a lucky woman. I have an amazing husband and 4 amazing sons. This newest little man is just so precious!

Aidan was born with pretty bad jaundice so he was kept 3 days after I was released, to stay under the photo therapy, and as you can see he looks like he was suntanning in his little billi light box. It was so cute, and sad all at once. The only thing new parents want to do is just hold that baby, and I was only allowed to hold him to nurse and then he was whisked away, back to his treatment to get those levels down so he could go home. He's still, even now, at almost 2 weeks old having some issues with Jaundice but his levels are dropping and he's home from the hospital in our arms!
His big brothers couldn't be happier! They all vie for his attention and beg to hold him! What great big brothers.

As for his Daddy...............I think Daddy is only SLIGHTLY in love with his little mini me. Aidan looks so much like Matt, and Grandaddy it's so cute. Matt just can't get enough cuddle time with him and snaps pictures all day long! We have so many already!

Mister Aidan................welcome to the world! We are soo so thrilled to have you here!

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Darla said...

I loved your story! It is fun to hear what other people went through in their deliveries. I am very happy he is finally here and doing well.