Sunday, March 14, 2010


This is to prove that YES, at one point or another you two boy's DID/DO love each other! I may have to show you this as teenagers to prove it, as I remember having sister's and brother's in high school who "HATEEEEE MMEEEEEE" (That's the whiner voice I would use to tell Mom).

Michael and Cody get cash for good grades. For now the break down is;
$10.00 for each A
$ 5.00 for each B
$0.00 for a C
they OWE me $5.00 for a D
and OWE me $10.00 for an F ( also gets loss of privileges and possible grounding and so forth)

So each boy earned about $35.00...............To which, no they are not allowed to just purchase whatever they want with it, such as a plethora of candy or a bunny (LOL) as Cody wanted. It goes to something educational or a healthy activity or family activity. ie. Cody used his money from the last grade period to buy books at the book fair (I am a HUGE sucker for books and amazingly enough Cody, Michael and Matthew's grade money ended up purchasing over $200.00 in books....haha...ya I so caved, but they didn't know.)

For Christmas Santa brought Michael and Matthew bikes, but Cody BEGGED Santa for a sparks scooter and then died with jealousy when he realized, "why yes my scooter is awesome but it's soooo sloowwwww" in comparison with the bikes. So, needless to say he's been begging for a bike or to borrow Michael's non stop. Well....$35.00 does not a bike what does Michael pipe up and say out of no where? "Hey Cody how about I give you part of my grade money for your bike, so we can ride together?"

I think my jaw hit the floor....seeing as this offer came directly after they were being reprimanded for arguing with each other...haha!

So there..................... you two do ACTUALLY Love each other and do nice things to and for each other MOST of the time, it's actually the rare occasion rather than the rule that you are unkind to one another. It's always easier to remember when someone is mean to you than when they do something nice so here it is.............. PROOF!

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