Sunday, March 7, 2010

Photo's of our sweet sweet baby

A couple of months into the pregnancy we stumbled across the most fantastic photographer! Amy Smith from Seraphino's photography
she does what she calls Stork pictures of the baby being born and the 1st few moments in the hospital. Due to my labor being so wonky we couldn't pay the poor woman to come sit there for 15 hours and once I dilated man did I ever so we missed the opportunity and decided to later use the deposit we had put down towards a new born photo session. right now we only have the two pictures to be able to post on here, and these were just her teasers. In a few weeks we should have the CD back and be able to load all of our favorites on here, but for now, if you would like to see the slide show of AWESOME and I mean....WOW pictures, click on her link above, then click "proofing" the password is
all one word.
Isn't he just PRECIOUS!!!!!!!! ~sigh~

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Bon said...

he is beautiful and so perfect Rach! Glad he is here!