Sunday, March 7, 2010

Nana and Grandaddy meet Aidan

The adorable picture of Michael holding Aidan laughing is because his baby brother farted while he was holding him and it cracked Michael up. I was lucky enough to grab cute!

Grandaddy telling Aidan a secret.

Grandaddy is so good at getting smiles!

My awesome Mother and Father in law.

All of my boy's.

Nana lovin!!!

She's so pretty!

We lucked out and Nana and Grandaddy were able to drive from Orlando to us at Fort Polk to meet Mister Aidan and see their other grandsons this weekend and oh my goodness were these kids excited! Matt We just love Nana and Grandaddy visits! This time Dad was able to stay a few days where as last time, when they came to help out while I was ill, Dad practically had to drive here, sleep and pretty much turn right around and go home to work, this time we got 3 1/2 days with him. It's NEVER enough time! We wish we lived closer to all our families but we are so grateful when they make the time to drive and see us since we can't see them regularly. We truly wish Uncle Jordan, Aunt Amber, baby Duke and Aunt Britty could have come too but we totally understand the financial and work situations. We miss you all!
As for this visit.....................I do believe that Nana and Grandaddy are in love with this newest addition and of course just love the other three boys. I don't think they had empty arms or a lap for most of the time they were here.
We love you guys so much.............however.........if you two clean my house again you will be hog tied! JK!!! Dad can feel free to cook for us again though....YUM MUCH?? But my dear in time you need to sit, rest and let me pamper you! I truly can't wait for that. With a new baby I am still trying to get back into my groove of cleaning things around the exhaustion and feedings so I know you were just being the wonderful people you are and trying to help out. Dad works so hard I just hate to see either of you here picking up after my pack of
You guys were so great about keeping the kids entertained. They loved going to the park with you guys, and I know mister Aidan just loved hearing and seeing you each, it's evident in all the smiles and warm sleepy snuggles he gave you both. We can't wait for the next visit! Hopefully this summer, and sooner rather than later! We love you both so much!!!

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