Friday, March 19, 2010

One Month Old Cavalry Baby

Our little boy is one month old today!! Oh man it's already going too fast. It feels like we came home from the hospital just yesterday. Then again I remember bringing each one of my four angels home from the hospital like it was yesterday and now it's over 10 years of yesterday's since bringing Michael home, it all goes so fast!

Matt being a Cavalry scout means a rich history and strong traditions and Matt's unit handed out the cutest stuff at the FRG meeting this week (frg= family readiness group, a volunteer group that works hand in hand with Matt's unit). They gave us a Cavalry Baby certificate, soo cute, and Aidan's 1st set of "orders", They also gave us a unit onesie. Yay for Cav babies!! They also gave us a "Cavalry Baby" certificate and Aidan's 1st set of orders, So cute!! If you click on the "orders" you can read them they are rather cute!

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Bon said...

He is so perfect Rach!