Tuesday, March 16, 2010

My 1st bath

Aidan loved his 1st bath! It came a little later than I have been used too because this little guy's umbilical cord stump just wouldn't fall off until the day before yesterday. Ahhh, finally...baby bath! He sat so quietly in the bath and didn't fuss at all until Daddy started putting on the baby lotion...chilly much? haha! Daddy loved being a part of his 1st bath! mmmmmmm Babies smell so heavenly!
We do have video of it, but seeing as it was 11 minutes long we have refrained from attaching it here...lol, if for some reason you are just as stuck on the cuteness of mister Aidan and want to see it, just email me (cute_sassafrass@yahoo.com) and I will email you the link directly.

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Kristycroft said...

wow if I don't have just the cutest nephew ever, I love it sissy!