Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I'm an odd duck (or bunny for that matter)

Poor Matt has once again had to endure my need for artistic expression via crafting and using poor Aidan's upcoming arrival as an excuse! We can't seem to find any wall art that fits the ...."theme?" I suppose you could call it. We don't really so much have a theme as much as...just finding things that fit "us". As you can tell, we are odd folks who enjoy a different flavor of life. So I had recently set about finding things that inspired me to fill his room with, and that led me to this fabulous prints! Aren't they ....interesting? I love the baby skeleton riding the hummingbird, it's dark and odd, yet...the hummingbird is so pretty and the little flame is an unexpected light to the picture. The second print is an adorable bunny riding another bunny (why wouldn't a bunny do such a thing you ask?) luring him along with a carrot and fishing line, once again with fanciful color and a little light. The prints were far smaller than what I was looking for to fill the wall space I had in mind, and a regular picture frame with a mat just wouldn't do them justice "Rachael Style" now would they....noooooo. So, two art canvas's from wally world, black craft paint, modpodge (will there ever be something I can't find a use for modpodge for I wonder?) craft paper, ribbons and hot glue and tada. I get to feel artistic, useful, and thrifty all at once! No...we are NOT attempting to warp poor little mister Aidan from birth on. All my kids are just as...odd as we are and love, love, love all the strange little things we have done for his room and continue to encourage my need to decorate his room this way. Yes...I AM listening to a ten, eight and four year old, not to mention a very smart husband who smiles and nods and says he absolutely loves everything I've made. HaHa! Who knows what is to come next! Hopefully a baby! Sigh...he needs more time though. Hurry up incubator! INCUBATE!!!

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Bon said...

Great job Rach! Love all the projects you have been doing!