Saturday, February 6, 2010

Our Nursery

Finally, finally, the nursery is done! It's been a long time coming, and we waited and waited and waited to see what things family or friends were going to help out with (never expected but always appreciated) and eventually we just had to go get the things we needed and that was wonderful. We picked up the dresser we are doubling as our changing table, the video baby monitor (total splurge but totally cool and we are so excited about it!) and the baby swing which we got using the two gift cards we got from some wonderful girl friends of mine. In the past few weeks I have endeavored to make our baby bedding! I am NOT I repeat not a good seamstress, so after a lot of fiddling and arguing with my sewing machine. I actually talked to it....well, more I yelled at it a lot but eventually the machine and I came to a conclusion that I was determined to make it work and it did! Positive thoughts! I made four separate bumper pads that tied on,, the crib skirt, two pillows out of separate materials, two blankets, a changing table cover, a diaper changing pad for the diaper bag, and curtain tie backs, and 3 smaller "skullies" little 8x8 or 12x12 mini blankies for holding and playing with that have ribbons to clip toys onto, and even 6 pair of "baby legs" baby leg warmers which are soooooooo cute!! With some of the extra material I glued it onto a lamp shade to incorporate it, painted a mirror and added ribbon to it, painted more onesies for Aidan and some for cousin Duke, and and I have to say things turned out cuter than I expected. I can now say I can sew a straight and make my own patterns! I did it all from scratch and I know my Mommy has to be proud that the sewing machine that she bought me as my high school graduation gift (that I thought...."gee what will I ever use this for, no one taught me how to sew?") has gotten me so motivated to sew and saved us a good bit of money on bedding we could never have afforded otherwise. We LOVE the way our nursery has turned out! So close to Aidan getting here!!!
Side aren't my two Matthew's TOO cute putting together the dresser? Matty was just tickeled pink to get to help! Michael and Cody are excited as can be for mister Aidan's arrival too but were terribly distracted by their new nintendo D.s.'s to

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