Thursday, February 11, 2010

Happy Birthday to my Michael!!

I am aware that his birthday was January 21st, and that this post is a few weeks late. In my defense we were waiting to post until he got all of his birthday gifts from family and used his gift certificates so we could take photos and what not, (which we took none because our camera pooped out on us that week! sigh, sad day!) since this year Michael asked for ALL gift certificates so he could pool his money and choose a gift, which he used all of his money to get multiple nintendo d.s. games, which he very kindly shares with his brothers!

We also asked if he would like a party with friends, or a family night bowling and eating pizza and what not, he chose bowling and a homemade cake instead of a store bought one. My son is just too sweet. He's such a family oriented guy. I still can't believe he is 10~!! EEKK! 3 years and I have a teenager! Gracious, I don't know how I will deal with that. My children are growing up so fast! I love seeing them grow and change from my babies to my little men, and yet seeing these changes kills me!

Michael, being my oldest son always knows he is an example to his brother's and even to me at times. He has a heart that is never closed to anyone. No matter how many times you may wound him or treat him in a way other than kind, he is forgiving and I wish I could have that trait as an adult. He tries so hard to be responsible and like a little babysitter to his littlest brother. He's also so thrilled to be a big brother again soon, and the way he talks to my belly and touches it and rubs it, you know he already has a love and connection to Aidan that amazes me!

He's so smart and his grades are once again reflecting his abilities. I love this boy and all the things about him, his challenges, and watching him try to work through them, his strengths and seeing him mentor his brothers with them, and as always, his heart. His hugs, his kisses, his sweet hand slipping into mine to hold it. I hope he will never grow out of wanting to hold my hand and cuddle me. I dread that day. To our sweet Michael, who amazes me everyday, we love you and are so proud of you son!

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