Friday, February 12, 2010

More pregger belly and tshirts.

Over the last few weeks I've once again, or I suppose I should say STILL been crafting to keep myself sane waiting for mister Aidan to make his debut, and trying to come up with a fun way to make the boy's some t-shirts with sewn on ties made from skull and checkered material. I found scrap material at walmart (yay for scraps!) and for under $3 I was able to make 5 t-shirts and 5 onesies in varying sizes. Cody especially loves his, I think he's as obsessed with skulls as I am..hehe! Michael is also showing off Aidan's onesies in the pictures and the diaper bag that we ironed on the skulls material since it was far too plain as it was (Michael wasn't wearing his new t- shirt yet because we had to go to the store and get him a new white t-shirt to put his tie on).

We also have to throw in a few more baby bump pictures as I never allowed many of my to be taken in past pregnancies and I am rather proud of my belly right now so I have to show it off.

What I also have to show off it some hilarious pictures of the kids at lunch on super bowl Sunday at Pizza Hut where they were eating lemon slices and being silly with them! I love my silly, silly boys!

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