Saturday, February 6, 2010

9 month belly and my little dalmatian

Just three fun pictures from the last week. I am now 36 weeks along, and had to take a picture of the "belly" and Matty had his 101st day of school and had a 101 Dalmatian's party where he came home as the CUTEST puppy. You know he's adorable! Whats even more adorable is while he was helping Matt to make the dresser for Aidan's room, we took a cookie break, after the cookies were gone I saw this little monkey hovering over the empty box......he turns to look at me and says "Look Mom, I is eating the freckles!!" He was eating all the tiny sprinkles that had fallen off the cookies and were left in the box....LMAO! Sigh...I love my kids!!!

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Bon said...

You look so cute preggers! Getting so close! HOORAY!