Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Aidan's face debut!

Finally!!! While at our doctors appointment today, while the tech was doing her normal measuring of the baby and what not she very kindly gave us free 4d shots of his face! Every time she as attempted to be sweet and sneak us a glimpse of our little munchin, he hasn't cooperated, but today, there he was! His face bright and shining! He had his little hand across his mouth trying to suck on his fingers. Matt's face was PRECIOUS!! The glow on Daddy's face was just too sweet. I love seeing how happy he is to see his little man! They measured him and he's a tad smaller than normal, about 4 and a quarter lbs right now, the 30th percentile, so by the time of delivery he should be right up there at the normal range.

I am so happy. I love being pregnant, and all the excitement and aches that come along with it. Pregnancy and Motherhood are such amazing blessings even if they aren't planned. We can't wait for Aidan to get here!

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