Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Momma's a cheap skate!

I am cheap, and I love it! I keep coming across a bunch of baby things that are a little on the "rockabilly/punk" side that are FAR too expensive for me to justify paying $12.00-$22.00 per onesie just because it's so darn cute! So...my thrifty gene goes off and I think "gee..I bet I could replicate that, or make something like that for farrrrrrrr cheaper!" and I can!! Thank heavens. Two long sleeved onesies, four short sleeved, and a pack of fabric paint markers = 7 onesies that I can honestly say no one else I know of will have...haha! I have to say they turned out pretty fun! I can not wait to see Aidan in them!! I have a bunch of other craft projects I want to finish, but $$$ is the biggest factor, so come pay day I get to finish off a few. This forces out my crafty side, which I am loving and Matt's wallet isn't minding at all! HA, well that is until he see's the glint I get in my eye to start a new project and I see him just smile and give me the "Whatever makes you happy babe" look. Sigh, I love this man, and I love my son's who are so supportive and excited when they see Mommy make things for baby brother. Can't wait to finish these projects and get him here! Only 4-6 weeks! Can you believe it!!

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