Saturday, January 9, 2010

Play Time

Over the last few weeks we've gotten some cute pictures of the "kids" (Matt is included in "the kids" lol) playing on their bikes/scooters, and other Christmas gifts, such as Cody with the Glow Dome being a gypsy fortune teller with a dish towel on his gracious! And one of Matty just being TOO cute, he fell asleep on the couch only moments before we left the house for us to go see the 2nd Chipmunks movies. I love having kids! It gives me an excuse to go see all those kiddie

I LOVE the picture of Michael rocking the running, but my favorite so far is the picture of Matt..........helping Matty do stunts on his bike, and then Matt taking over the bike and trying to stunt NICE babe, NICE!

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