Saturday, January 9, 2010

Belated Christmas!

I really was so sad this Christmas without my son's home! I loved having Matt home on leave, and getting some quality time with just my sweet husband and I, but the Christmas holiday is centered around our family and without all of us here to enjoy it together, it just didn't feel like Christmas to us! We spent Christmas day attempting to watch the boy's open gifts on webcam at their Father's house. The Internet decided not to cooperate and I was so upset, but luckily Their Dad was nice enough to let them call and put me on speaker phone so I could hear them opening gifts. We had all their gifts under our little tree's waiting, waiting, waiting for them to come home. They were supposed to come home January 2nd, however two weeks was far too long for them to take and they spent Christmas day and the days following calling home to cry that they missed us. So Jon caved and brought them home on New Years Eve. I was NOT so ok with him driving them on rainy roads on the drunkest night of the year, but I was thrilled to have them coming home! Despite the fact that it was raining, and it was after 9 when they got here we decided to let them open gifts as soon as their Dad took off to head back to Houston. They had a blast! Especially since Santa brought them bikes and sparks scooters! Nana and Grandaddy got them the glow dome (which Cody used as a crystal ball. It was quiet funny!) and plenty of arts supplies!! They got home made blankets from Aunt Brittany, Aunt Amber and the family, which they LOVE, and so many other awesome gifts! They were rather spoiled this year and we were SO excited to have them home and see them opening gifts!! Sigh, Christmas, better late than never. I love my son's! I love my husband! Next year....they are home and mine all mine!!

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