Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentines day phone call

The most romantic thing I could imagine this Valentines day was going to be me watching chick flicks (Pride and Prejudice and You’ve Got Mail) and eating corn dogs all alone on my couch (yes very “cat lady” if I do say so myself - the cat), since the boys would be at Jon's and my Darling hubby is at basic training and every girl friend I have here has a significant other to spend it with.
Lucky me I got a 3 minute phone call from Matt!!!!! OHH HOORAAHHH!!! I totally wasn’t expecting it! Matt and his Platoon were lucky enough to get switched into White Phase recently and as such were given a few extra privileges, one being....a phone call to their significant others on V-day. Not all of them were so lucky, some of the more problematic ones were stuck in “The Pit” doing heaven on knows what. Sigh! He sounded so happy!!! I’m so glad! I am still scooping up the melted bits of me off the bed where I sat and swooned when he called….lmao.
3 minutes in heaven was all I needed to fully recharge my emotional batteries for the coming weeks until I get to see him for Family weekend in late March.
I have never loved my telephone so much! lol
Valentines Day romance comes in so many different forms……thank you Qwest and the U.S. Army!!! Lol
Happy Valentines day everyone!

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