Friday, February 20, 2009

School projects

I am very proud of the effort Michael and Cody have been putting into school lately. Cody is almost always on point and tries really hard, Michael's efforts have increased a ton!

Cody was very happy to bring home a "pinch pot" he made in art class, he gave it to me to put all my rings in at night so I don't have them all over the nightstand. How thoughtful! It's purple with cool little blue dots all over it. I love it!!!! Cody has had a case of camera shyness lately so he isn't in many pictures or I would have had him showing off his creation.

Michael's class has done two biography's on President's. A written essay on Abraham Lincoln, and a "Tri-Fold Biography" on George Washington. The amount of information his teacher wanted on the biography was ridiculous, especially when she didn't send home JACK for them to use as a point of reference to work on it with their parents, so we had to do a lot of online work, and printed out a few pictures to go on it. It was a LOT of work for a 3rd grader in my opinion but fortunately Michael was really excited to do it and worked 5 hours in one night to finish it and turn it in early! So proud! IF he doesn't get a GREAT grade on this I swear this teacher and I will be boxing a round or j/k!
The picture at that top is of Matthew Watching Tv when I late them all stay up late while Michael worked on his project, Matty had to "rest" next to cupcake "cause she's lonely Momma!"

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Lisa P said...

Awesome projects boys! They make us proud grandparents. Love, Nana and Granddaddy