Monday, February 9, 2009

I am a victim to my own OCD

To my own chagrin, I have developed some of my Mother's traits that I SWORE I would NEVER have........ahem.... the need to do dishes or vacuum at ridiculous hours, nit picking my children like chimpanzees in a tree, and sadly, the need to organize or LOSE MY MIND! I can NOT function in a state of clutter. I have literally been avoiding taking baths for over 6 and a half months,which is a ridiculous amount of time as I am ALL about a good long bath, a great book (ahem my addiction to Twilight) and candles. I avoided it why??

Just the clutter alone stressed me out! No matter how often cleaned it, folded it, de-cluttered it some how my imps were ever so helpful in putting it back to it's original state of mayhem. Thankfully I was able to recruit my friend Leah into a day trip to Tucson to grab a few things from "Bed Bath and Beyond" YAY!!
I will be enjoying the clutter free-ness of the bathroom later while I take a LONG needed soak! And on those days when it isn't as organized as it should be....I can now close the curtian and it's "out of sight out of mind" PHEW! Thanks MOM! lol
love you!


Anonymous said...

LoL well hun...seeing as you are soo good at doing wanna come and help me do mine? an by the way hun it looks GREAT

~Our Rockabilly Life~ said...

wait...who is anonymous? lol