Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I have a spy at basic training~ bbwwhahahhaaha!

BBWBWBAHAHAHAHAHAH! I have got some of the coolest Ladies in my life! There are woman that sometimes you just "click" with and who would do anything for you, as you would for them. Well a good friend of mine Carol has a boyfriend Corey who is stationed at Fort Knox, Ky where Matt is at Basic Training. Carol was in town visiting and had hinted that she was going to have Corey drive her past Matt's barracks so she could get me a picture of them from the outside, she said she might even be able to have him sneak in and get a picture of the ( YES I am so lame that I would kill for a picture of where he's sleeping lol). I got a phone call about 40 minutes later and she says......"guess who just saw Matt???!?!" I freaked out and raced home from errand running to see what she said she had emailed me! A picture.....oh sigh!!!!! Dirty or not! He's HOT!! MADE MY MONTH!

This is from Matt's letter from Sunday that I got today.

February, 08, 2009

"...........................................................Oh ya, and I had a visitor the other night too. One of the Drill Sgt.s came into my room with a guy in civilian clothes. The guy walks up to me and says.. "Ya that's him Drill Sgt." and then says "Do you know who I am?" and I was like....WHAT THE HELL!?!?!?!?! .... I answered back..." You must be Sgt. hull?" He laughed and said "Yes" So i got to meet with Carol's BF for a while. He took a picture of me to send to you so I'm sure you have already seen it. I was looking like crap because I had just taken off all my battle rattle and was sweaty and muddy. But I hope you liked it and it brought you some happiness. Sgt. Hull is a really nice guy. He said he was going to continue to check in with me every now and then to see how I was doing. I didn't know he served in Iraq with like 3-4 of my Drill Sgt.s so he knows them all really well..........................................."

The part Matt left out, Carol filled in for me, she said that he was cleaning his weapon when Corey came in, after Corey asked him if he knew who he was he asked him something like

"do you know why I'm here?"


"Your wife wants a picture...haha"

" don't really have to do that" ( I think he was really nervous he would get in trouble for it)

"ya, actually I do, or Carol said she'll be mad..haha"

Corey said Matt had a slight grin when he took the picture. I'm sure he was trying hard not to smile! lol Can you imagine...he must have been so worried that his silly, uber needy wife was getting him in hot water with his drill sgt.s.

soooooooooooo cute!!!!!

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU Carol and Corey!! I will be baking for you asap!!!! YAY for really awesome friends!

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Lisa--aka The Gardenweasel said...

I am so happy when you blog. keep it up! He looks great!