Monday, February 6, 2012

SeaWorld....Where We Realized I Was Pregnant...AGAIN

After we sent the kids off to Jon's for Christmas Matt and I needed to plan something for a little early for his birthday. Going to Sea World is free for military families once a year so we decided to go on a date there, just the two of us! I've been a few times, and always had a blast, but we've always had a plethora of children in tow, blazing heat, and a basket full of stress! Going as just the two of us would be a totally new experience. Oddly enough we knew Jon was planning to drive down from Ga, with the kids and take them to Sea World, we did NOT know he was planning on that specific day. The only reason we knew a head of time was the night before hand, while Matt was printing off our military tickets of sorts he read that children over the age of 10 have to have their own military ID present with them when they show up.....I had the ID's. Jon did not. How was Jon going to get them in??? So we called to ask what his plan was, only to hear he planned to go the next morning. Akward much?
Matt and I offered to meet him at the front gate early and let him use the ID's to get the kids in. We decided once in the gates to go our seperate ways. I would have loved to spend the day with the boys but I didn't want to take from what little time Jon gets with them one on one. Not to mention I was unaware that Jon's new girlfriend was going along and was....hideing or MIA everytime we saw the boys yet she was in the park and didn't run into us. Oh well. I was a little irked by the new GF info and mostly I would guess from the surgeing hormones I was unaware of. LOL. AHHH, good old hormones and what they will do to you.
I hadn't yet missed my period and was showing signs of pregnancy. Tired, grumpy, bursting into tears, and an OBSESSION for Chinese food that I couldn't understand.
All of those fun little signs were swept under the rug which was our vacation, thinking "Meh, I'm just tired from the travel, I'm grumpy becuse I'm about to PMS and I want Chinese food becuase...I Chinese??" I really had a hard time rationalizing that one
Right about HERE is when I REALLY thought...hmmmmmmmmmmm a test would be a good idea...and here is why.
We went into the shamu show, before the show a little girl went past me with cotton candy and caribbean flavored kettle corn. I litterly considered mugging her for her goodies. Matt had no cash and didn't want to run to the ATM for cash right then, I almost cried. REALLY??? Is that rational??? Uh not
During the show I did actually get all emtional and tear up....right here.
Kissing Orca's! SO CUTE. I am NOT a "SO CUTE" type of person. I normally would have said. "aww" and left it there. Instead I got all weepy. Ya, I'm rolling my eyes at myself too. lol.
Then a wee baby behind us cried and the hormones in me went nuts! YEP...we need to stop at Walgreens on the way
I went in....bought a test.....went to the potty.....and ...TADA.....LOL #5 on the way!
Here we are on Matt's actual birthday shareing the news with Happy birthday my love. My gift....a 5th baby!

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