Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Matthew's 6th Birthday!

Matthew's 6th birthday was such a blast! We rented out the 50 meter pool (for free because of Matt being deployed you get one free kids party! How awesome is that!) and it was so much fun!!!! He had school and family friends over and I was lucky to have a bunch of my friends to keep me sane while Matthew's Dad was here for the afternoon with him. Mary was so great! she whipped out her camera and was taking pictures for me while I was loosing my sanity! She got some great shots I most defiantly wouldn't have been able to get while I was attempting to corral herds of children! Thanks Jessica and Victoria for cake cutting, plate passing out, and trash removal! You guys made the multitude of kids very manageable!!!! This is the really fun slide show Mary made us! LOVE ,LOVE ,LOVE it!!! Even with the pictures of my ex in there. Despite me not loving him being there I can't deny that he loves his son's and shows up when can and I will never remove him from family outings just because I would PREFER him not to be in the photo's. They are the kids memories and I won't have them feel like their Father isn't welcome here. Thanks Mary! Thanks Jessica and Mandy for making the party a blasty!! And keeping me sane! 16 kids and all the Dad's deployed.....oi! Couldn't have done it without all of you!!!!

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