Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Today I woke up feeling very grateful, not sure what brought this on but I know that I do tend to faux complain (I find it fun to force you to commiserate with me) a lot and I figured I might as well let you in on one of the days when I just feel grateful. Grateful today that I woke up not tired for the 1st time in months and months, as though I actually got sleep, not just rest while laying in our bed. Grateful that when I got up our 11 year old was up, dressed, and quietly playing playstation without me having to ask him to do a single thing! Grateful that even though Matthew required more work than normal, and missed the bus yet again, that I kept my temper and was able to get all 3 older children off to school in a good mood despite this. Grateful beyond words for phone calls from Afghanistan! Phone calls that make a little 1 year old guy smile and saying "Ooooo-OOOoo" (hello). Grateful that we I came home laden with groceries that my sweet little one sat quietly playing in his car seat while I schlepped them into the house. Grateful that my freezer is so chock full that I had to reorganize very strategically to fit all the food in, as there have been quiet a few times as a single mommy when we a great deal less to stock up in the cupboards and freezer. Grateful that last night I was able to attend the Volunteer Awards dinner for my sweet husband and pick up his certificate of appreciation, spend the evening with 4 different families from football where we made really good friendships, and for a husband who is a great influence on these boys. Grateful for children who love my cooking and eating healthy that they requested Tilapia, asparagus, squash, zucchini, and mushrooms again for dinner, and they REALLY, REALLY love it! They have been so supportive of my weight loss and working out! I have my own cheering squad! Grateful for the Internet and web camera where I can see his smile and the fact that his smile still shoots tingles to my toes and makes my tummy flutter! Grateful for the man I have in my life who makes all of this possible! Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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