Saturday, April 2, 2011

Aidan's 1st Birthday

Nana and Grandaddy came all the way from Orlando for Aidan's 1st birthday since Daddy has to be in Afghanistan this year. We were so lucky that both Gramma and aunt Kelly came too! It was like a mini family reunion! It was wonderful. As previsouly posted we also celebrated Michael's 11th birthday late so that he could have them there for his party as well. It was a really fun experience. Very bitter sweet for me! My little tiny man has gone from being my teeny tiny baby boy Photobucket To a big boy............. Photobucket As a parent you love to see them grow but how does it go so fast?!?!?!? This last year as sped past us and while I love every new little thing he has learned I already miss feeling his little breath on my neck as he nuzzles into me, I miss seeing him root around when he was hungry looking for skin, I already miss the way he would sleep in my arms for hours and yet I love looking over at him now watching him walking around the edge of the couch stacking blocks! His birthday weekend was definatly a fun filled one but also a little more work than I had expected what with soccer games for the older boys, ER visits for Aidan, Cody and myself, house guests (yay!!!) making sure we had time for Daddy online, a double birthday party and all the prep work that this all required. I was so very lucky that my in laws were there to help! I hardly had enough to keep me busy. Someone of them was always wisking up a chore and helping me or keeping kids entertained and out from under my feet! Man I wish we lived closer to family and yet I love our military life where we move all This post and the next will be massive picture overload.....I don't know why I bother telling you that...almsost all of my posts are! Photobucket Gramma holding her birthday great grandbaby! Photobucket I'm ONE!!! Photobucket Grandaddy getting down and playing with Aidan at the boy's soccer game. Photobucket Aidan and Grandaddy Skypeing Aunt Amber, Uncle Jordan and Cousin Hunter. Photobucket the Robot cake I made for his party. Photobucket Nom nom nom! Photobucket Aidan and Grandaddy playing at Chucke Cheese Photobucket Looking at his like..WHAT DO YA'LL WANT NOW??? lol we were annoying him with the camera just a bit me thinks! Photobucket Fever started to rear it's ugly head and despite being sick grandaddy could get him to smile anyway! Photobucket PhotobucketPhotobucket
/cutesassafrass/Vdaypartythroughsocialstuidesfairregionals162.jpg" /> Playing with his gift from Gramma. Man he loves these!! Photobucket This video makes me giggle. I was totaly dillusional and thought I would have time to make two birthday cakes and cake pops for these parties and was in the process of it when we Mom said Dad would enjoy eating some of the cake bits I didn't use, so we sat them in a bowl on the ottoman and Dad was nibbleing them as he went in and out of the room, at some point Aidan crawled off and we found him standing at the ottoman devouring the entire it was really cute.

We ended the birthday weekend back in the ER with a fever of 105.3 and miserable, Cody had the saliva gland issue and I had walking but we still had a GREAT birthday weekend with our Nana (where did all the pictures of you go?????)
HA found one!
Grandaddy, Gramma and our super sweet Aunt Kelly who put up with allllll the crazys in the poor thing was over loaded with kids all over her and she just smiled and loved it all. Thanks again to Matt's wonderful family for making sure that we got to celebrate these birthdays together! I have the most amazing in laws ever! I am so thankful for the families I have! My Brothers and Sisters all called to wish the happy birthdays and sent gifts, I wish we had been able to all be together and most of all wish Matt could have been home for it but I am so grateful for skype and yahoo messenger and getting to see and hear him even if it was short we got to share it with him! I can't wait to share with you the photo shoot that we did for his 1st birthday with Amy Delia Smith from Seraphino's Photography! Just you wait!!! It's worth it !!! Happy Birthday to our youngest Mr. Aidan!!! Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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