Sunday, March 20, 2011

Birthdays, Birthdays

I feel like a bad Mother, I'm so behind on posting about the boy's birthdays that it's already Matthew's birthday today and I have yet to post about Michael and Aidan's. Opps! I kept holding off because our wonderful Nana, Grandaddy, Gramma and Aunt Kelly were coming for the party! Michael was so sweet! He decided to hold off on having a party for himself so that he could have one with them on Aidan's 1st birthday! Just goes to show how much he loves his Nana and Grandaddy. So my sweet eldest son Michael turned 11 in January. Have I mentioned how amazing this boy is? Photobucket Michael has had a rough school year. We had some issues with behavior and grades until I finally caved and allowed his doctor to put him on ADHD medication. This has taken me years and years to allow. I'm a firm believer in behavior modification and consequences (good for good actions, bad for bad actions) instead of medicating as a first option. Well...once the grades became absolutely abismal I felt as if I was doing him a disservice and tada............F's have gone to B's and D's are up to A's. Things aren't perfect, but seeing the pride on his face as he brandishes his progress reports and report cards at me is helping ease my worries over medicating him! Michael is the 1st of my son's to say things like "ooooooooh" and "Ahhhhhhh" over the "most adorable thing Aidan has ever done! Isn't he just the cutest baby ever Mom!" He is always begging to be allowed to put his brother to bed for me and feed him. He's such a great big brother. 11 years ago I became a Mother and this boy has taught me so much since then! I love my Michael! The only, and I mean ONLY thing he really, really wanted from me was a Harry Potter cake. So I attempted it. ATTEMPTED! It turned out pretty well in my opinion for my 1st fondont covered cake! Photobucket Michael was so sweet and understanding when we didn't get to go skating for his party but instead hit up Chuckee Cheese, even more understanding when his little brother Cody ended up having to end the party early with jaw pain ( which we found out was actually a swollen and infected saliva gland in the bottom of his mouth when we had to go to the ER later that night) Photobucket ... and very understanding that Aidan having his birthday that day meant sharing everyone attention. I'm so grateful for this boy in my life. He makes me so happy and he is defiantly a huge help to me . Happy late birthday to my Mikey Bear!

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