Monday, March 14, 2011

This Marvelous Monday Morning Is Brought To You By Daylight Savings Time And The Color STUPID!

Evidently when I woke up this morning I forgot to wipe the stupid off my face, because no matter what happened this morning it seemed each one of my older boy's thought I was stupid or that they were smarter than I was, and I blame this on daylight savings time messing with our Monday. It has to be that or Murphy's law is back to rear it's nasty head. Please Lord say it isn't so!

The morning went a little something like this;

Matty.............His school clothes were laid out on his table ready to wear and given instructions that "No you can NOT wear your old school pants those are too short for you, and the other pants are in the dryer, sorry buddy". I exit the room and move on to the next child only to come back and see him staring at me sheepishly, wearing said high waters and holding his shirt. Mind you, it's been 10 minutes. He's had time.
"Matthew. Did you put on those pants even though I said no?"
He answers me with a very adamant "Noooooooooooooooooooooooooo" while obviously wearing said pants. I remove pants lay them in the top of the closet to be given away and hand him the shorts and move on once again to the others. Come back, pants are in hand as he is precariously dangling from the shelf, this pulls it from the wall (housing work order being called in later. Oi ). This time I PUT the shorts on him and leave the room WITH the pants.
All this causes him to miss the bus by mere seconds forcing me to start breathing like I am doing the "wax on wax off, wax on wax off" while chanting in my head "oooooohhhhhmmmmmmm".

Michael..............gets ready with no fussing, no arguments and so on. I was thrilled. He was given the task of (while I was dealing Pants McGee in his room) to unload the clothes from the dyer onto the couch, move the wet clothes over to the dryer and start his bedding in the washer. Perhaps this sounds like a lot for an 11 year old but in this household it is not. My boys do laundry, dishes (ew...we are still working on this!) and take out trash. Next up....vacuuming! I come back down as he's closing the washroom door.
"Michael, you took EVERYTHING out of the washer and put it in the dryer?"
"Yes Ma'am!" smiles proudly at me.
"Open the dryer."
"Uhhh, ooooookkkkk."
The dryer had two socks and a t shirt drying in it. The washer was being run RE washing the already clean clothes. mmmmmmmmhmmmm....deep breaths, deep breaths.

Cody..................."Mom, my tummy hurts"
"Oh man, well if you get sick at school I'll come and get you but you've missed a lot in the last two weeks due to tummy aches, that faux allergy in the eye and the dentist, gotta tough it out today buddy, sorry"
He sighs......"ok"
He then proceeds to the front door with the trash.
"CODY!!!!! Close the door.....Cupcake (the wonder dog) is gonna get!!!" (this was all in slow motion, I swear it
He slowly looks back at Cupcake walk up to him and then BOLT! Once again.............(wax on wax off, wax on wax off). Michael, Cody and I run after her (me holding Aidan. Matthew is sitting in the car in his seat belt glaring at me because he's mad he's wearing shorts). Takes 5 mins to get princess stupid back into the house. Love this dog but really?!?!?!? This is why when we are coming and going from the house she is in the kennel (giant closet with a baby gate big enough for a twin sized bed).
After the dog debacle I hook in Aidan, Cody comes out looking absolutely deathly (faux) ill.
" Mooooooooooomm (insert death rattle voice here) I threw up." as he rubs his tummy. I automatically believe him, as he has NEVER faked vomiting. I walk to the bathroom to see what kind of clean up I may be facing as soon as I get back from the school drop off, to find.............ritz crackers crushed in the toilet, very obviously NOT vomit.
"What!!!! I just don't wanna go today! OK!!!!". Ya you are making the same face I was. The excuse the BLEEP outta me? Who the BLEEP do you think you are talking too face! ANNNNDDDDD he's now grounded for lieing and being disrespectful. Yup....way to start a Monday son. LOL.

Evidently, I woke up with "Stupid" across my forehead. How else can you explain this morning? The only other explanation is the curse of Daylight Savings and it's evil Springing forward.

This Mommy feels the need for a do-over! AHHHHH kids! They keep life interesting that is for sure!
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