Monday, March 14, 2011

Out Of The Mouths Of Babes

Quotes from Matthew

After school last week Matthew is telling Cody and I how he learned about the letter U at school.

"U like Unicorn?" Cody asks jokingly
Matty makes a face like (Ew) and says "ya, like UUUUUUUnicorn, ew I hate Una-corns'es, them Una-corns'es has that thing Corn thin pops out of thems skins on their head, you know, like a ice scream scone? No I don't like Una-corns'es"


ohhhhhh Matty!

After a new hair cut where I got 1950's rockabilly bangs cut Cody says to me "Um Mom, I don't think thats really working for you. Ya, no it's not. "
Another one from Cody "Mom. You know those weird ladies on the "Real Housewives" show? Your makeup looks like theirs today, kinda like a clown. But it's ok, you still look pretty".
All I can do is laugh and shake my head and hug that kid. He kills me !

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