Saturday, February 12, 2011

Daddy's Videos and the like

Well, the internet in Afghanistan sucks! Ok so whineing aside, I should be thrilled (and I am) that he has internet connection at all! It does however make it hard for him to be able to see video's of the kids, heck we have a hard time talking on messenger and I haven't heard his voice in going on two weeks becuase SKYPE is a joke. It hasn't a chance or working the webcam AND the voice. So I am adding a few videos here of the little one so Daddy can keep up with all the new little bitty things he learns so he doesn't completly miss out on the "firsts". This way, when if he his the lottery of connectivity he may have the whole lot of them here in one place to view at his leisure.

1st if a video of Aidan playing cars. I happened to have the camera near by when he played with a toy truck for the 1st time, like it was a truck, not just a small object to be banged into another object to see what cool noise it can make. He even did the vrooommmmm sound. But the best part? His POPEYE FACE!!! Can you see the resemlence?
Oh ya, we have a new nickname. Hey! Don't judge! It's better than "Booger" which is what the boys have taken to calling him. Ya thought so, you are really rethinking how cute Popeye is now huh!

In this video Aidan is on Wyatt's lap (a good friend of Matt and I) at the boy's soccer game (his son's team against ours. We won btw. Just had to slip that in there. GO EAGLES!) I love when Aidan plays with stuffed animals. He's just so cute about how he cuddles them. He was also saying Da Da Da over and over but I barely caught it at all. Boooo.

Here is one of Matty's 1st soccer game. He's quite the little soccer player! This is his 1st season playing and he has so far scored 4 of the 5 total goals between last week and this week for his team. Woot Woot! By the was COLD. YES COLD in Lousianna! Like 17 degrees that morning and here........that's ch ch ch ch-illy! I do NOT miss Idaho winters!

Last but not least....the doosey. This video will take forever and a day for it to load for him but I just had too! Two days ago when the magical connection allowed us to webcam he got to see Aidan try his 1st lollipop. Matt's face was beyond words. How silly is that? I nearly cried it was so cute seeing Daddy looking at his son just grinning from ear to ear watching him have a lollipop! It was just so sweet. So today I allowed him to have another. EWWWWWW. I flip flop in a manic fashion between a Mother's love (the AWWWWWWWW hehehehe isn't he too flipping cute emotion when looking at him ) and my OCD cringeing in almost pyhsical pain (I wanted to wipe him down every 5 seconds! It was literally killing me not too! OHHHHH the sugary drool!!! GAG ME!!!!). Either way it's a giant ball of cuteness!

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jojo said...

Awwww rach he is just tooo cute an he looks like he is enjoyin his sucker.... patrick was laughin while watching it