Thursday, October 7, 2010

Speedy McSpeederson

Ahem.....cough cough.. Ok so normally I am NOT a speeder. Frankly Matt usually rolls his eyes at my "gramma driving" as he calls it. I tend to take forever to pull into traffic, and set my cruise control at 1-2 miles under whenever I hit the highway to ensure I don't do just this.....well on my way back from Alexandria I got pulled over or going almost 15 over because they had finally opened a section of the new road that has been under construction for over a year and that section of the road we were on was 65 as far as I knew. My bad! Totally need to read the freaking speed signs and not assume that they have remained the same! WHOOPS! And yes, I took getting pulled over seriously, I just happen to have a bad reaction to getting in trouble and I smile and giggle inappropriatly....yes...uber mature! Thanks hunny for taking time to capture those special moments....brat! So....moral of the $208.00 story is...SLOW DOWN RACHAEL!
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