Sunday, October 17, 2010

Cavalry Ball

The Grog......Ya it's so grodey you can't even see throgh it!
MMMMMMMMMMM taste-tastic!

In early September Matt and I were able to go to our first Cav ball. It was such a fun experience! For any of you who are given the opportunity to go you really should. It's full of such fun traditions and really, other than wearing some hideous atrocities that your 3rd cousin may or may not make you wear as a part of a wedding party (oh ya, you can TOOOOOTALLY wear that again......bwwhwahahahaha ,ya right!) how often in your adult life do you get the opportunity to get dressed up in a ball gown with all the trappings and spend an evening with your spouse? Ya, that's what I thought....uhhhhh never! Unless of course you happen to be a part of the military community or you are a
I've gotten to go to a few of them before because of being previously married to a military service 1member serving in a cav unit, this however was Matt's 1 st chance and bank account be damned we were going!

One of everyones favorite Cav ball traditions is the grog.Oohhhhh Gag me batman it's I'd rather eat Salmonella chicken before drinking that grog but it's tradition and if you don't at least have a sip you're a pair of big girls panties! The grog is a giant bowl (or two, depending on how many tables it has to accommodate) with bottle after bottle of liquor ceremoniously poured in by the senior NCO's (non-commissioned officer) on up from each troop, while CSM (Command Sgt Major) reads off the history of each bottles symbolic relation to the history of the unit. One Soldier double fisted the alcohol and took two giant swigs of it, then spitting it back into the bowls......mmmmm, another took off a shoe and poured it into the shoe and then into the bowls, another filtered their bottles through their sock that they pulled off in front of us all....ohhh alcohol thank you for your antiseptic properties! In some units they add sand to represent Iraq or Afghanistan and even diesel fuel...mmmm. It's all smoodged around in a the bowl and then pitches are filled for each table or glass by glass and taken back to the tables...some people completely get drunk off it and other's like my self take a little swig to say "hey hey" and then move on to the dinner line. It was really fun! We spent the evening with good friends, danced and even stopped in for some pancakes/breakfast goodness at IHOP in the wee hours. Over all it was a really colorful evening and I'm so glad I got to spend it with my handsome Soldier. Goodness me oh my did he ever look good. Highly recommended!
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Jess said...

OMG! That sounds like soooo much fun! The Air Force balls are not nearly that exciting... I'd have love to be a fly on the wall that night LOL! Oh and the grog... omg! I dunno if I could stomach that, it was all good until I read the part about the guy filtering it through his sock, and then I gagged a little LMAO! All and all it looks like you had a lot of fun. You looked lovely too! :)