Sunday, October 24, 2010

8 Months Old

Well, I suppose it's better late than never, seeing as it's a few days past the 19th (cough cough). In my defense it's been a busy month and he is growing so darn fast I wish, wish, wish with all my heart that I could slow it down! He's creeping closer and closer to his 1st birthday and it's still 4 months away!
At the 8 month marker we FINALLY have a tooth! A teeny, tiny, tearful, sleepless nights tooth! That little bugger was a bear to break through but it's just so gosh darn cute! That second tooth is just screaming to break out but we'll see how long it takes, seeing as this one took a month and a half...wooooo, now that was some work!
Aidan has now started hugging. He turns and grabs a hold and rubs his face into your shoulder and snuggles down into you. I can not verbalize how much I love this! I Love, LOVE, LOVE, LOVEEEEEE this! Reaching, if you ask if he wants "up?" he now raises his chumbawumba lil arms and wiggles those little fingers at me.
Pulling up, he grabs your clothes or things on the floor and rolls around with them. He pretends like he can't crawl, and does this separation anxiety thing, where when I go out of a room he busts into crocodile tears and screams until I'm holding him again, so if nothing else works and he MUST sit on the floor by me while I clean and what not, he cries and cries and then suddenly he's crawling and scooting around in a fit.....really? You can only crawl when you're pissed off? Oh He LOVES his walker. He sits in it in the hall and goes back and forth, mostly if Cupcake (our dog) is in her kennel he scoots over to her and lets her lick his hands while he giggles incessantly. I love those moments!
He's been spending a lot of time flirting with all the Mommy's at football practice and eating up all the attention. What a flirt! Miss Rachel and Miss Caite (both are Mrs. but we call them Miss) are his biggest admirers, it's too cute!
This sweet little boy is still nursing, which I love! I am so proud of us both. First of all I have to admit that in the past I have smoked after a few months of having a baby. Not often, just one or two here and there to de stress ( sometimes it's sell the kids to the circus, or sneak a cig.....pick your battles) but since nicotine goes through the breast milk to baby, there is NO WAY I was going to start back up. So the longer I go, the better for him the better for me. It's so rewarding. At this point it's second nature. There is no stress with it, we have MASTERED, I mean MASTERED feeding in public, and thank heavens! We don't have to do it often but it's easy now. As of now I guesstimate we'd be at 1,920 bottles washed were I bottle feeding, and to date we are only at 5! Yeah baby, it's nice! I'm planning to go straight from boob to sippy cup in the next 4 months. It's pretty nice!
Well, we've reached some milestones and I can't wait for more...............oh wait...yes I can! I just want to keep him chubby and cuddly for EVER!
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Brad, Adrienne, McKenna, Bryn, and Lauren said...

Just when I think that he can't get any cutter, you post more photos and I am proven wrong.

Darla said...

That baby boy is sooooo cute. I cannot believe how big he is. He can't be that old yet. :-)