Thursday, October 7, 2010

Football Season!

Since the deployment is creeping up on us quickly we decided that the kids and I needed to have an activity to keep us as busy as possible so that once he leaves we don't sit in the house wallowing in self pity (ok so the wallowing would be but this is for the kids too). So we signed the boy's up for tackle football and it ended up that the head coaches....well didn't have a clue so Matt and another Dad stepped up as asst. Coaches (running the team without the title) and saved thank heavens. Unfortunatly he will likely be gone before the end of the season so he's attempting to teach the head coach how to coach offense. It's been an amazing experience for us as a family to have him coaching our two older kids and Matty and Aidan and I supporting (I some how got stuck with being the Mom in charge of setting up game snacks, oh well, someone has to do it.) I gotta say, Matt is an AWESOME Pee wee football coach, he's firm and animated with the kids, and doesn't make them do anything he won't do with them, ie; running laps, doing up down's and so on. And he's always there running up and down the feild on game day's cheering them on and jumping around like a fool when they it's too cute!
This is Michael tackleing their quarterback, it was his 3rd tackle of the game, two of which ended up causeing them to fumble, it was awesome, he came out like a bullet!
This is half time, and we were so lucky to have Uncle Jordan here for this game, because he and his awesome camera got to be on the side lines taking pictures for us! Michael is in the back right cute!
My Cody bear drinking his gatorade........he's such a tank!

Speaking of Tank, there he is, he blocked every time. He really did awesome! Now if we can just get the kids to understand what holding, horse collering and face masking really is and how not to do it is after all pee wee football but Matt is really tough on trying to get them to not do it.
Matt pumping the kids up before game.

Matt during practice. MMMM hmmmm He's just too yummy!

Cody at practice.

Matt and the boy's after their 1st game. So far we are 2-0 on games and 2-1 on scrimages with the other Fort Polk team. WOOT WOOT GO COLTS!!

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Jess said...

Awwwe! This is really awesome, great family time! The pics are fantastic too!