Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentines Day 2010

Valentines day really is a rather silly holiday, but what woman doesn't love being given flowers, things that are an obnoxious shades of pink or red, and fluffy stuffed animals that you would never want/use any other day of the year as an adult, and yet....on this makes your heart turn to utter mush! ?!
I love Valentines Day!
The kids got all sorts of fun goodies and love from Oma and Nana and Grandaddy! A box of goodies from each of them (my oh my aren't they spoiled by their grandparents!) and a small box of chocolates and a silly card from Matt and I, not to mention the sugary love that was sent home from the parties at school. The boy's unfortunately/fortunately spent the weekend at their Dad's in Houston which allowed Matt and I to spend the day before Valentines day alone! But we did miss this all weekend!
Our 1st Valentines day together! Last year Matt was at OSUT ( Basic training/AIT) and all I could send was a letter.
I slept in while my sneaky husband escaped to the store without me noticing, to get all sorts of things to spoil me with. And spoil me he did! He got me four bouquets of flowers! AWWW! White roses, yellow and pink tipped roses, and two smaller bouquets of red tulips! MMMm I heart Tulips!! It brings back wonderful vivid memories of growing up in Europe and seeing them in the gardens all over.

He also got me a GIANT red teddy bear that said "Two hearts One Love", with a large heart shaped box of chocolates, and to ensure I had a total sugar coma at some point he got me yet another heart shaped box of gourmet chocolates (because one is NEVER enough! lol) and a bag of Hershey bliss. Gracious! Along with a sweet heart felt card! I love my man!
To prove just how much...I put over 3o0 pink post-it notes around our bathroom saying "I love you" and 100 reasons WHY I love him so much, all those little things that mean so much to me day in and day out! A bottle of sparkling cider, some candles, a bubble bath, and three romantic comedy's on dvd and it was a fantastic day! Matt also took me out to dinner at a Mexican place I've been craving! MMMM enchilada's! All in all we had a fantastic 1st Valentines day together and I can't wait to spend many many more with the love of my life and hopefully next year again with our boy's!

Friday, February 12, 2010

More pregger belly and tshirts.

Over the last few weeks I've once again, or I suppose I should say STILL been crafting to keep myself sane waiting for mister Aidan to make his debut, and trying to come up with a fun way to make the boy's some t-shirts with sewn on ties made from skull and checkered material. I found scrap material at walmart (yay for scraps!) and for under $3 I was able to make 5 t-shirts and 5 onesies in varying sizes. Cody especially loves his, I think he's as obsessed with skulls as I am..hehe! Michael is also showing off Aidan's onesies in the pictures and the diaper bag that we ironed on the skulls material since it was far too plain as it was (Michael wasn't wearing his new t- shirt yet because we had to go to the store and get him a new white t-shirt to put his tie on).

We also have to throw in a few more baby bump pictures as I never allowed many of my to be taken in past pregnancies and I am rather proud of my belly right now so I have to show it off.

What I also have to show off it some hilarious pictures of the kids at lunch on super bowl Sunday at Pizza Hut where they were eating lemon slices and being silly with them! I love my silly, silly boys!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Speaking of late posts.......

I needed to make sure I added some of these awesome pics from the 3-89 Cav Christmas party where the kids got to "meet Santa" (one of Matt's buddies) and just some silliness while they tried to entertain themselves waiting for food. It was a long evening but we found a way to have some fun as you can see. What a great family I have!

Happy Birthday to my Michael!!

I am aware that his birthday was January 21st, and that this post is a few weeks late. In my defense we were waiting to post until he got all of his birthday gifts from family and used his gift certificates so we could take photos and what not, (which we took none because our camera pooped out on us that week! sigh, sad day!) since this year Michael asked for ALL gift certificates so he could pool his money and choose a gift, which he used all of his money to get multiple nintendo d.s. games, which he very kindly shares with his brothers!

We also asked if he would like a party with friends, or a family night bowling and eating pizza and what not, he chose bowling and a homemade cake instead of a store bought one. My son is just too sweet. He's such a family oriented guy. I still can't believe he is 10~!! EEKK! 3 years and I have a teenager! Gracious, I don't know how I will deal with that. My children are growing up so fast! I love seeing them grow and change from my babies to my little men, and yet seeing these changes kills me!

Michael, being my oldest son always knows he is an example to his brother's and even to me at times. He has a heart that is never closed to anyone. No matter how many times you may wound him or treat him in a way other than kind, he is forgiving and I wish I could have that trait as an adult. He tries so hard to be responsible and like a little babysitter to his littlest brother. He's also so thrilled to be a big brother again soon, and the way he talks to my belly and touches it and rubs it, you know he already has a love and connection to Aidan that amazes me!

He's so smart and his grades are once again reflecting his abilities. I love this boy and all the things about him, his challenges, and watching him try to work through them, his strengths and seeing him mentor his brothers with them, and as always, his heart. His hugs, his kisses, his sweet hand slipping into mine to hold it. I hope he will never grow out of wanting to hold my hand and cuddle me. I dread that day. To our sweet Michael, who amazes me everyday, we love you and are so proud of you son!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

9 month belly and my little dalmatian

Just three fun pictures from the last week. I am now 36 weeks along, and had to take a picture of the "belly" and Matty had his 101st day of school and had a 101 Dalmatian's party where he came home as the CUTEST puppy. You know he's adorable! Whats even more adorable is while he was helping Matt to make the dresser for Aidan's room, we took a cookie break, after the cookies were gone I saw this little monkey hovering over the empty box......he turns to look at me and says "Look Mom, I is eating the freckles!!" He was eating all the tiny sprinkles that had fallen off the cookies and were left in the box....LMAO! Sigh...I love my kids!!!

Our Nursery

Finally, finally, the nursery is done! It's been a long time coming, and we waited and waited and waited to see what things family or friends were going to help out with (never expected but always appreciated) and eventually we just had to go get the things we needed and that was wonderful. We picked up the dresser we are doubling as our changing table, the video baby monitor (total splurge but totally cool and we are so excited about it!) and the baby swing which we got using the two gift cards we got from some wonderful girl friends of mine. In the past few weeks I have endeavored to make our baby bedding! I am NOT I repeat not a good seamstress, so after a lot of fiddling and arguing with my sewing machine. I actually talked to it....well, more I yelled at it a lot but eventually the machine and I came to a conclusion that I was determined to make it work and it did! Positive thoughts! I made four separate bumper pads that tied on,, the crib skirt, two pillows out of separate materials, two blankets, a changing table cover, a diaper changing pad for the diaper bag, and curtain tie backs, and 3 smaller "skullies" little 8x8 or 12x12 mini blankies for holding and playing with that have ribbons to clip toys onto, and even 6 pair of "baby legs" baby leg warmers which are soooooooo cute!! With some of the extra material I glued it onto a lamp shade to incorporate it, painted a mirror and added ribbon to it, painted more onesies for Aidan and some for cousin Duke, and and I have to say things turned out cuter than I expected. I can now say I can sew a straight and make my own patterns! I did it all from scratch and I know my Mommy has to be proud that the sewing machine that she bought me as my high school graduation gift (that I thought...."gee what will I ever use this for, no one taught me how to sew?") has gotten me so motivated to sew and saved us a good bit of money on bedding we could never have afforded otherwise. We LOVE the way our nursery has turned out! So close to Aidan getting here!!!
Side aren't my two Matthew's TOO cute putting together the dresser? Matty was just tickeled pink to get to help! Michael and Cody are excited as can be for mister Aidan's arrival too but were terribly distracted by their new nintendo D.s.'s to